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Thread: Fussy at breast 4 month old

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    Default Fussy at breast 4 month old

    My fourth month old was nursing fine until yesterday. He will latch and drink but when the flow slows down he gets aggravated and pulls off and screams. I switch him to the other breast and he drinks again until it slows down then screams. I try to put him back on the first breast but he cries and thrashes. He has been getting bottles while I work (2 bottles three days a week) but the flow in newborn so he doesn't develop a preference. After nursing he'll want to nurse again about an hour later which is fine but by that time he's so sleepy he only sucks a few mins. I'm hoping this is just a phase. I've read about the "four month fussies" any advice?

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    try breast compressions for when he is getting fussy about flow.
    Make sure the care givers doing any bottle feeding are using paced bottle feeding since even with newborn or slow nipples without pauses and being sat as upright as possible it is easy for a baby to develop a flow preference for bottles.

    The nursing to sleep an hour later could also be he just wants to nurse to sleep, remember nursing is about lots more than just food.

    How is your supply? How is his weight? Are you able to pump enough at work to cover the bottles needed during work hours? Are you nursing plenty when you are together and overnight?

    Lots of things can be going on to contribute to the 4 month fussies;
    getting more efficient at nursing
    getting distracted
    learning to roll over/trying to figure out other gross motor skills/trying to become mobile
    getting distracted
    working on early fine motor skills
    noticing how adults eat
    getting distracted

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    What you're describing sounds a bit like flow preference, getting upset when the flow of the breast slows down. Breast compressions have helped many mothers with that concern. Video here: http://www.nbci.ca/index.php?option=...lips&Itemid=13

    Switching sides frequently during these fussy moments can help. The flow is faster on the side that wasn't just used, and it sends strong "make more milk" signals to your body.

    Many care providers of breastfed babies use paced bottle feeding. More here: http://www.llli.org/docs/00000000000...astfedbaby.pdf

    Have you been giving bottles otherwise? Have you been skipping or shortening pumping/nursing sessions? Is your milk supply otherwise robust?

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    My supply is fine. I pump plenty at work. I pump every 3.5 hrs three days a week. I found a solution to my problem. I just nurse him when he wakes up from his naps until he becomes too distractible and then again before his next nap where he's drowsy enough to not be distracted he's having 10 wet diapers this way. My nipples are getting a little sore from him ripping off. He does "gum" me too. I suppose he's starting to teeth.

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