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Thread: Baby refusing to nurse, Cries like in pain'

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    Default Baby refusing to nurse, Cries like in pain'

    My baby has intermittently this afternoon had long crying spells (20-60 min) where she also refused to nurse, even though regularly she would nurse at that time. She has no fever. She is 3 months old EBF. She's been a breastfeeding champ till now. We had one episode of this a few days ago, but now 2 today. She's also a very mellow, easy baby, so this is VERY odd for her. Ideas? I'm thinking gas or teething? I don't know what to do to fix this.

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    Default Re: Baby refusing to nurse, Cries like in pain'

    Yea gas or teething get my vote too.
    Mine started teething before 3 months I think but we had a few really bad episodes where he even had a temp of 100 when he was like 4 1/2 months and nursing didn't calm him (probably because sucking hurt) but chewing on something cold and some baby tylenol or Orajel natural did help and once it took effect he did finally nurse to sleep. So far this usually seems to flair up at fussy time or bed time. He still hasn't gotten any teeth but the drooling chewing has certainly started early.

    I got some of those mesh bags and started freezing some tiny breast milk cubes to put in them for something cold, and we also have some teething rings in the fridge.

    Find out from your Ped what dosage of tylenol or other medication they recommend for when it gets really bad.

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    Default Re: Baby refusing to nurse, Cries like in pain'

    Teething, gas, or maybe a stealth ear infection or tummy bug? When my kids refused to nurse, they often threw up on me soon thereafter...

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