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Thread: recurring thrush

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    Default recurring thrush

    i had posted earlier about recurrent milk blebs. i looked on kellymom.com on causes.
    along with the blebs i have burning pain. sometimes shooting pain that doesnt resolve after nursing or pumping. me and baby were treated a few weeks ago with oral diflucan for thrush. the bleb went away and i felt better. now i am having same symptoms as before:
    -i started with a milk bleb
    -then pain and burning in breast
    -baby shows no signs of oral thrush per pediatrician and LC (he has no white spots on inside of cheeks but a little white on tongue, but not a thick layer). white doesnt rub off.
    the LC mentioned that me, husband, and baby would need oral diflucan. i am in the process of getting us all perscriptions.
    i had this same issue with my daughter when i bf her. we all got treated with oral diflucan and then i used gentian violet.
    would it be safe to use gentian violet with him? he is 9 weeks old and doesnt present any symptoms. if it would be ok to try it, how do i use it?

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    Default Re: recurring thrush

    Info on Gentian Violet Use
    http://www.nbci.ca/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=73:us ing-gentian-violet&catid=5&Itemid=17

    Make sure to go over all other hygiene steps (wash everything, clothes, bedding, towels, toys etc) with HOT water/hot dryer. Sterilize bottles, binkies, teethers, etc, pump parts if pumping. Any milk pumped/stored during the yeast infection could be a source of reinfection after treatment.

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    Default Re: recurring thrush

    ok. thanks you. i use an avent microwave steamer. do i need to boil for the time being?

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