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Thread: need help fast!

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    Ok. My son is only 3 days old and we were sent to get his bilirubin levels. He is not gaining weight and his levels are high. Not high enough for hospitalization but higher than when he left the hospital yesterday. At the doctor's office I was told to nurse and then supplement with an ounce of formula. This was before the test results. Now that the results are in the on call doctor (a different doctor) said I should stop nursing and only give formula. I am afraid to stop but of course don't want to hurt my baby. I thought if nursed more and supplemented we would be ok. I need to back track a bit. In the hospital and most of yesterday my LO was still very sleepy and not nursing often at all (I believe that is what caused this). The nurses at the hospital said not to worry I would be fine. My gut told me differently and I was right.

    What do I do? Should I stop nursing or nurse more frequently and still supplement?

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    My lactation consultant had me give only 10 ccs after nursing, via a supplementer (although when that didn't work for our little guy we used a bottle). My pediatrician said an ounce, too. We only had to do it for 24 hours and his bilirubin letters and weight were better. I'm not suggesting you go against doctor's advice, but I'm just sharing what we did. My LC said an ounce was too much, but that seems to be what doctors always tell you to give. I'd also nurse as frequently as possible.
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    Nurse Often, wake baby to nurse if you have to (that thing about not waking a sleeping baby is a Myth, especially early on.)

    Has your milk come in yet? If it has then I would say nurse and give supplement after nursing. Do you have a pump? If you have to supplement for more than one day, you should pump (and if you manage to pump enough milk, you can use your own milk as supplement instead of formula.)

    Weight usually does fall some right after birth, most babies don't regain birth weight till a week or two old.

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    Some questions for you:
    - How much weight has baby lost? (% of birth weight)
    - Has your milk come in yet?
    - Has baby passed his meconium (the sticky, black first stool)?
    - How much is baby peeing/pooping at this point?
    - How often is baby nursing in a 24 hour period?
    - Are his bilirubin levels climbing, holding steady, or declining?
    - How does nursing feel?

    In cases of severe jaundice when a baby is not getting enough to eat, the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine's protocol (http://www.bfmed.org/Media/Files/Pro...20Jaundice.pdf) applies.

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    Are you able to put him in direct sunlight (not through a window)? I know the UV light from the sun can help jaundice clear up more quickly; similar to how the bili-lights work that the hospital uses.

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    Mommal- Thank you for that link! I wish I had that resource to hand to the doctors I fought with my first child. It might have made the fight a bit easier. I am printing that so I have it just in case for my second time around.
    JM.mom- It is so stressful to have to deal with jaundice and a sleepy baby. This site is a great resource. My thoughts are with you. Good luck.

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