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Thread: Is this hurting my supply?

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    Default Is this hurting my supply?

    Baby is a week old and his eating changes all the time. He went from eating constantly to eating every 3 hours and on both sides to. And now eating every 3 hours but on only one side per feeding. And today he pushed one feeding to 4 hours. I tried waking him and he just would not wake to eat and kept falling asleep at the boob. Is all this inconsistency going to hurt my supply? I'm thinking about pumping after every feeding now for a while to make sure things stay up but I'm just not sure? He is gaining a ton of weight almost a pound over his birth weight at only a week old. So I know he is okay but I want my supply okay too. Also the last couple days we have been out and about more so maybe that has something to do with it. Should we not get out as much maybe? I also have a 3 yr old and 1 yr old that I'm trying to keep on the move. Also I just pumped an hour or so after he last ate. Will there be enough milk for him at his next feed?

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    Relax, babies change their routine regularly.
    Did you have supply problems with your first two? Cause if he is already a pound over birth weight at only one week old, I don't think you need to worry about your supply as long as you are feeding on demand (on demand means when baby wants or starts cuing to eat or when you start to feel full and need to feed) and not "scheduling or restricting feedings.
    Provided there are no supply problems or supplementing going on, I don't think they usually recommend much pumping for the first 6 weeks unless you need to get ready to go back to work at 6 weeks. Pumping right after every feeding is only appropriate if you need to increase your supply. If your supply is good, then pumping after feedings could very well pump you into an over supply situation that you would then need to deal with all those problems (plugged ducts, mastitis, Over active let down etc.)

    If you pump and then baby wakes up wanting to eat there will still be milk but baby may need to be patient to get it since it will be slow to get the milk as it's being made rather than being able to empty already full breasts. As to how long it takes to "re-fill" that totally depends on the mom, her "storage capacity" and supply. Myself, I've found that if I pump, it takes about 30-40 minutes for me to "refill" enough that baby won't be fussy with me about it. I've been struggling with low supply and my storage capacity isn't large. We had weight gain issues and supplementing early on because of an undiagnosed tongue/lip tie which really hurt my supply since the ties were not corrected till 8 weeks and I didn't manage to get physical therapy for my LO till 12 weeks. We didn't manage to regain birth weight till 3 weeks and that was with supplementing 8-12 oz per day.

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    If baby truly gained a lb in the first week, then you are doing just fine. It's totally normal for baby's feeding pattern to be erratic. As long as baby is nursing enough overall, a longer stretch or two is not going to hurt anything. My lo was also a quick gainer but slept 4-6 hours at night from the beginning.
    Pumping this early after every feeding can cause problems with oversupply down the road. If you feel being out of the house is causing baby's cues to be overlooked, then by all means stick close to home for a few days and see if that helps. Any friends or family able to visit and entertain the older kids while you focus on baby a little?
    What's helped me keep up with my three year old is baby wearing. I have an ergo and ring sling that I've used since day 3. Lo loves to nurse and sleep in there and I can still run after my oldest and feed myself!

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