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Thread: DESPARATE! nursing over 9 weeks and still getting milk blebs

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    Default Re: DESPARATE! nursing over 9 weeks and still getting milk b

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*sailorscout27 View Post
    as for the husband advice. let him try to get it out...should i let baby nurse and then him try?
    That is probably what I would do, of course I'm grasping at straws here since I don't have personal experience on this one.

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    Default Re: DESPARATE! nursing over 9 weeks and still getting milk b

    Re: Lecithin. This from Dr. Jack Newman: "Lecithin is a food supplement that seems to help some mothers prevent blocked ducts. It may do this by decreasing the viscosity (stickiness) of the milk by increasing the percentage of polyunsaturated fatty acids in the milk. It is safe to take, relatively inexpensive, and seems to work in at least some mothers. The dose is 1200 mg four times a day." Once the plug/bleb has cleared, you may find you need to continue lecithin to help prevent recurrent plugs. You'd be fine to continue with one capsule/day.

    I second the PP's suggestion to pursue having the lip tie checked out. 99% of the time they go hand-in-hand with a tongue tie, often posterior. Tongue ties can be under- or over-diagnosed depending on where you are the training of the providers you are working with. Frenectomies are much less invasive for infants. Even for older babies, toddlers, and so forth they need not require anesthesia and surgery and can be revised with laser (the preferred method). Lip and/or tongue ties can certainly be a factor in recurrent or persistant plugs or blebs. It is true that dealing with a tie now can save you from headache and expense later, as it can affect LOs dental development and speech. Dr. Kotlow has great information and videos on his website (kiddsteeth.com) It may be helpful for your DH to see what it's really like. Dentists here (and Dr. Kotlow himself) will treat babies 24 hours old! It's that important.

    Don't give up on nursing, mama. Do massage your breasts before feedings and during feeding. Try the lecithin. A probiotic is not a bad idea either.

    *ETA: Also, when massaging out a plug, start at the nipple and gradually work your way back. Many of us were taught the opposite. But as recently stated at the ILCA Conference, you work out a snarl in your hair by starting at the end and moving up. Too much pressure and massage higher up in the breast only causes more pressure and stretching where the plug is further down. It is likely you will have better success hand-expressing after LO eats than using a pump to work it out. Different mechanics to milk-moving.
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    Default Re: DESPARATE! nursing over 9 weeks and still getting milk b

    thanks for all the help ladies
    i am still hanging in there. the bleb hasnt disappeared but now im fighting thrush AGAIN!!! for the third time now.
    idk why i keep getting this. me and baby been on diflucan. im taking probiotics but idk if it is enough. eatting yogurt with live cultures. have taken sugar and starches outta diet as much as possible. ive been telling my family to wash hands before and after holding and changing him in hopes to stop the spreading of the bacteria. i read on kellymom.com that recurrent blebs could be because of thrush. we are also trying gentian violet this time around. tonight will be day four of gentian violet treatment.
    it has seemed to help with the itching and stuff. and the burning while feeding has gotten alot better. i hope this will be the end of it for good.
    is it possible to keep getting thrush off and on through the entire time i breast feed?

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