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Thread: 3 Month old with foamy, green stools with blood.

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    Default 3 Month old with foamy, green stools with blood.

    My 3 month old has been having green foamy poops.

    About a month and a half ago she had blood in her poop and we went to the doctor and was told it was an anal fissure. It got a little worse and saw another doctor he said possibly a dairy intolerance/allergy. To cut it all out for 2 weeks and reintroduce. We never had another diaper with blood in it. I cut out major sources of dairy but not completely and then reintroduced, its been about 3 weeks now and she is still having foamy green poops and she had blood again today. I don't know what to do. Should I cut out dairy for good?

    Is it possible I have too much milk? She only feeds for maybe 10 mins on one side at each feeding. She is very fussy at the breast, on and off of it constantly. She is happy, not fussy. Her tummy doesn't seem to bother her Although she fusses at the breast and she throws up more often then not. But the doctor said she is a happy spitter.
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    Default Re: 3 Month old with foamy, green stools with blood.

    Since the symptoms went away when you reduced dairy in your diet and then came back when you introduced it, I think it's a good idea to take most or all dairy out of your diet once more and see if the symptoms go away again. If they do, then I think you can be relatively certain that dairy is a problem for your baby. But as long as she is basically healthy and growing normally, it can't be too much of a problem.

    Aside from fussiness at the breast, somewhat fast feedings,and baby taking only one breast per feeding, what symptoms of oversupply do you have? Oversupply certainly could be the source of the issues you are seeing, but let's make 100% sure you really have it!

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    Default Re: 3 Month old with foamy, green stools with blood.

    I honestly am not even sure I have over supply. When ban was first born I had over active let own and was told she was throwing up because sh would over feed.

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    Default Re: 3 Month old with foamy, green stools with blood.

    What rocket scientist informed you that babies spit because they overeat? That's not why it happens. They spit up because the muscle sphincters responsible for holding their stomach contents down are, like all of their other muscles, relatively weak. A full tummy makes it more likely that some stomach contents will slip past that weak sphincter, but a full tummy doesn't cause spit-up!

    Signs of oversupply:
    - Mom is frequently engorged or full
    - Mom may feel strong letdowns
    - Mom may leak a lot
    - If mom is pumping, she may pump a lot of milk with little effort
    - Baby may gain weight very quickly
    - Baby may produce poops which are frequently or consistently green
    - Baby may nurse quickly, in as little as 5-10 minutes
    - Baby may eat from just one breast per feeding
    - Baby may be a fussy nurser, reluctant to latch on and pulling off the breast while eating. If the baby pulls off while mom is having a letdown, mom may observe that milk squirts or streams from the breast.
    - Baby may cough, splutter, gag, click, cluck, or make other weird noises while nursing

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    Default Re: 3 Month old with foamy, green stools with blood.

    This is where we stand right now. She was born 8lbs 15oz. She only lost 3 oz after birth and had gained to 9lbs 2oz by day 3. At her 6 weeks she was 10lbs 11oz and at 3.5 months she was only 11lbs 2oz. We are being sent to a pediatric GI as she still has bloody stools and explosive green poops. My supply has actually dropped. She nurses quick for short feeds, she makes clicks while nursing but the lactation consultant says she has a high pallet which is why.

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