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Thread: Nursing strike - getting frustrated and tired, help needed!

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    Today my LO was protesting at almost every feeding! It took him almost all day to eat on one side! Every time he'd fuss I took him off and did something else, but it was tough. The pacifier has helped calm him when nothing works. Sometimes he won't nurse to sleep so it helps with that. I think I have mild OALD but don't want to block feed I'm not positive am thinking it might be to drastic for mineif I do have it. I don't know what is up with him, honestly!
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    Just to be clear, None of the examples listed are actual strikes. A baby crying or being fussy and you having attempt several times but it ending in the baby actually eating, is not striking behavior. It's fussy baby behavior. Actual striking babies won't nurse AT ALL EVER while awake. All of their feedings must be done either while sleeping or right before or right when they wake up. It's usually brought on by some sort of trauma that they associate with breastfeeding. Like pain from an ear infection, teething or a reaction from their mothers that scares or startles them. Even a child who is striking can actually be fed enough during naps and night time sleep to make it through a strike with no supplementation. High needs or sensitive babies are not striking. They just don't deal well with change or don't like to do the work involved in eating, or are mad because it's light or or or. So try not to take that personal in terms of breastfeeding. Because it's not about breastfeeding. It's about the big wide world. You will see this as they grow.

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