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Thread: Went from yellow stools to green?

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    Default Went from yellow stools to green?

    I am currently taking fenugreek and blessed thistle 3 capsules of each 3 times a day to help with my milk supply. it seems to be working. i have noticed that my lo stools have gone from yellow seedy to green. is this normal?

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    I think you might have got oversupply. My son's stools also turned from yellow to green after 7 days of my delivery. I got to know by doing loads of research that I have oversupply issues and he was only drinking foremilk which is very thin and hindmilk is more fattier which only comes in the end but due to oversupply baby is not able to drink hind milk. But when I consulted doctor she said green stools are normal as long as baby is gaining weight and after 2 weeks my son's stools were back to yellow. I think when your body knows how much milk to produce everything will be back to normal. However, there could be some other reason of green stool if you know that you don't have oversupply.

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    Moms interpret poop colors very differently; one mom's "yellow" is called "green" by another mom. Also, poop sitting around in a diaper can change color from when it was originally deposited.

    More info needed:
    - How many times per 24 hours did baby nurse yesterday and today?
    - How is weight gain?
    - How old is baby?
    - What signals did you have that you weren't making enough milk, triggering the supplements?
    - What signs have you noticed that the supplements are helping your milk supply?

    Other reasons for green poop:
    - Not staying on one breast until coming off on his own
    - Scheduled nursing sessions
    - More here: http://kellymom.com/health/baby-heal...-green-stools/

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    -my lo usually nurses 4-5 times a day and has 4 bottles with 3 oz. he usually will eat all 3 but sometimes he eats 2 and they throw the rest away. his bottles are always filled with the expressed milk from work. the rest is stored
    -baby born 6/9/14 2 6 lb 3 oc, left 0n 6/11/14 6 lb 1 oz,. by 1 week old he weighed 6 lb 7 oz. when he was 6 weeks old he weighed 9 lb 7 oz but he was strictly nursing because I hadn't started back to work. I was told his weight gain was good. I have had hypothyroidism and was taken off my meds 4 weeks ago. I noticed when I was at work using their hospital grade pump that every day I was getting less expressed and was not getting to keep up with his demand at home. luckily I had stored some expressed milk and never had to supplement. so to catch up I started taking the fenugreek and blessed thistle and had been for two weeks. I saw slight improvement and felt awful. I had my thyroid rechecked and she put me back on my levothyroxine. it has been a week and I noticed more milk with pumping so have stopped the fenugreek and blessed thistle for about 2 days. I am going to pediatrician this coming wed 8-11-14 and will get his weight gain info
    -he is today 8 weeks 5 days
    -I only thought my supply was low because at work I pumped about a total of 2 oz and he was eating 3 oz while I was away. I tried to get my sister who is feeding him by paced bottle feeding to feed him 2 oz per feeding but she said he was too fussy and would always give him 1 more oz and said he would be satisfied. for the past week when I was placed back on my thyroid meds, I pumped about 2 1/2 - 3 oz off left breast and 2 off the right 4 times a day while away at work as opposed to before when off my levothyroxine I was expressing 2 oz total per session. I am away from baby about 12 hrs a day due to my job so I pump every three hrs. and I nurse him as soon as I get home
    - i felt the fenugreek and blessed thistle was working but really noticed a change in my milk supply after a few days of being back on my thyroid med. also since then lo may only eat from one breast per feeding even if i offer him both. if he latches on the 2nd breast he will only suckle and not eat so i start on that side but if i get too full i pump and offer him the side that he had last nursing session. i always let him come off on his own unless he is just holding my nipple is his mouth or pacifying himself on me then i burp him and offer the other side. sometimes if its been a while he will continue to nurse but wont completely empty that 2nd side. also i have noticed this past week that he makes a clicking sound when nursing, which is very painful cause i feel his latch breaking. i try to get him off and relatch him but he does it for like the first two minutes with my let down. then he goes to his normal suckling. a few times he will completely come off, trying to catch his breath and then he will latch back on. almost as if the milk can down too much for him
    -i have not placed him on a scheduled feeding time but he nurses closely to around the same times give or take 30 min. i try to watch for the signs he is hungry like eating his fingers but sometimes he will just cry so i offer him to eat after changing him and walking around with him and nothing is pacifying him so i offer him the breast.

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    Clicking sound often means that baby is losing suction while nursing. Sometimes this is due to just a bad one-time latch that can be corrected by taking off and latching again. Other times it's caused by tongue tie or other problems. When this happens with fast let-down, sometimes it's an indication that baby cannot use his tongue properly to manage the milk flow. That's worth talking with someone about, a LLL leader or an IBCLC.

    Good for you identifying problems and solutions! Keep asking and you'll get the answer.

    How have messy diapers been the last few days?

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