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Thread: Reintroducing BF after Baby's Medical Interventions

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    Default Reintroducing BF after Baby's Medical Interventions

    My daughter is nearly 3 months old. I would love advice on the best way to get her back nursing again and giving up the bottle. I am not sure if this is the right forum to ask the question, though.

    I nursed exclusively the first 3 weeks. However, due to aspiration, she wouldn't gain weight and was diagnosed FTT. She had an ng feeding tube put in for a few weeks. I EP through this time. Eventually she made enough progress to have the ng tube out and could swallow thickened liquids. Unfortunately, BM can't be safely thickened to a predictable consistency so she has been on thickened formula for about 1 1/2 months.

    I have been pumping continually through this time and have been freezing it. Now that my daughter is ready to be on regular liquids, I am wondering on the best way to reintroduce the breast.

    She will nurse when the breast is offered, but I can tell from the way my breasts feel that she is not getting a lot. However, she is soothed and comforted. I have been following up with a bottle (I have a freezer full of BM) to try to get enough calories into her. Is this what you would recommend?

    Should I be pumping between feedings to maintain my supply? I am afraid that pumping will maintain my supply, but I won't have enough milk to offer her when she is willing to nurse. But without pumping my supply will decrease because she isn't eating an equivalent amount while nursing.

    Or should I try taking away the bottle right away and try to get her to nurse more often? I don't know if she physically can get enough milk out right now, but I also don't want to make it too easy by just going to the bottle.

    I have successfully nursed 4 other kids, so I know how things are suppose to go. I am hoping somebody can offer some kind of road map for getting there, because I haven't had to re-introduce nursing before.

    Thanks for any advice!


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    Default Re: Reintroducing BF after Baby's Medical Interventions

    It sounds like you are on the right track with nursing, then bottlefeeding. It would be great if you could also nurse at the conclusion of a feeding- that way your baby associates comfort and satiation with being at the breast, rather than the bottle- and then, after nursing, pump. Pumping right after a nursing session is a good way to maintain supply without risking your baby getting an "empty" breast- and I agree that you do need to do that of your baby is not yet able to maintain supply for you.

    Has your baby been carefully checked for tongue tie/lip tie? And do you have access to an IBCLC? I'd love to see you get a professional quality baby scale for home use, so you could do your own weigh-feed-weigh measurements. Weigh-feed-weigh data allows you to determine just how much milk your baby is capable of getting while nursing, and thereby helps you determine how much milk to offer by bottle, and also when you can safely give up supplements.

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