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Thread: Storage bag recommendations needed!

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    Default Storage bag recommendations needed!

    Hi everyone! This is my first post!

    I'm a first time mom (my little guy will be one month old tomorrow) and planning to go back to work in September.

    Looking for recommendations for breastmilk storage bags! I've been using the Medela ones that came in a set with my bottles, but the reviews on the Medela website for these bags are horrible (wish I read the reviews before I filled 8 bags!! Some people said they experienced freezer burn - which is exactly what I'm afraid of)!

    What bags do you use/recommend?

    Thanks in advance!!!


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    Default Re: Storage bag recommendations needed!

    I've never had enough supply to fill bags even for a freezer stash but so many who work and need to send bottles and top ups recommend freezing milk in rather small quantities Like 1 oz toppers and 2.5 oz bottles so the 4, 5 or 6 oz freezer bags seem overkill to me.

    I got a couple of those trays that freez 1 oz half cylinders of milk and If I ever manage to use them I would probably transfer the frozen half cylinders into food saver vacuum bags for long term storage.

    Once your LO is old enough to practice with a bottle, be sure to test out some of the frozen milk to make sure there isn't any issues with excess lipase (wouldn't want you to store away huge quantities of milk only to discover months later that baby rejects it.)
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    Default Re: Storage bag recommendations needed!

    I use the Honeysuckle storage bags. Most of my bags carry between 3.5-5 ounces of milk so the 6oz size seems fine. I love the quality. I have been using them since going back to work when my baby was 2 months old. I bought a case of 300 at the time and it lasted me until recently (he is 9.5 months old now).
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    Default Re: Storage bag recommendations needed!

    I use the Kiinde twist bottles. They have worked well from pumping to feeding (they make adapters that connect directly to your pump and bottle attachments so there is no transfer). The bags go up to 6 oz I believe.

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    Default Re: Storage bag recommendations needed!

    I recommend anything with double zipper, like Lansinoh or Honeywell. I too had horrible luck with Medela bags. I thought I had high lipase when baby wouldn't drink milk but she drank it from the Lansinoh bags I had used by luck a few times.
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    Default Re: Storage bag recommendations needed!

    I liked lansinoh.

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    Default Re: Storage bag recommendations needed!

    Thank you everyone for your recommendations!! I tried the Nuk ones (which have a double zipper and store 6 oz - I like them so far) and I bought (but didn't try yet) the Kinde twist!

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