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    My DD is 13.5 months and nurses anywhere from 3-5x per day. Ever since she started getting top teeth, nursing hasn't been enjoyable about 50% of the time due to a painful latch. She seems to anchor her teeth somehow that creates pain for me. I try readjusting her but it doesn't seem to be helping. Also, I seem to have more pain in my right breast as I've had a stubborn milk blister come and go on that side. It has always been my "bad" side, and I try to nurse on each side equally, but sometimes I find that my daughter is too impatient to work for a let down on my right side! It's really getting me down to the point where I'm contemplating weaning, but I don't want to yet and would like her to wean on her own when she is ready. Any advice? thanks so much.

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    Have you seen the kellymom article on biting and teeth scraping? http://kellymom.com/ages/older-infant/biting/ It has everything on there. One thing to look at is how you and your child are positioned. When child is older and bigger, it can be tricky to make sure baby has enough room to latch with head tilted back and without a tucked chin. For that, I would suggest laid back nursing with toddler straddling a leg or with their legs off to the side, or sidelying nursing?
    for letdown issue, can you start on the left and then switch to right? This might help with the pain as well.

    Have you tried all these ideas for the bleb? http://www.llli.org/docs/00000000000...plugsblebs.pdf

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    Thanks so much Meg. These links are very helpful. I find that the combination of an uncomfortable toddler latch with the painful right breast/bleb is really throwing me through a loop. Almost to the point of considering weaning. We are down to only 3-4 nursing sessions a day, and it would only be 2 or 3 if I nursed her when she was truly hungry. It's so frustrating about my right breast, I've always known that I've produced less milk on that side, but I know my daughter really doesn't like to nurse on that side, so then subconsciously, I think I tend to always put her to the left which further exacerbates the problem! What do do

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    Is it just painful in the right side or both? Would you both be happier just nursing on the favored left side?

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