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Thread: Milk and water?

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    I have a question, my 12 month old daughter still has a negligible interest in solids which I have kinda made my peace with for the moment, so I am still breastfeeding a lot. My query is how much, if any, do I need to give her other drinks as well? I do tend to offer water some of the time but she doesn't take much before she just plays with it so I'm guessing she's not really thirsty. Any thoughts?

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    At 12 months, demand-fed babies can still get pretty much all their nutrition and their hydration from breastmilk. But it's a good idea to introduce water so that the baby can get used to that as an alternative beverage. Animal milk is optional as long as you are still nursing frequently, but if you're nursing just a few times a day it's a good idea to introduce some form of dairy (animal milk, cheese, or yogurt) or to offer a carefully balanced diet of fat and calcium-rich non-dairy solids.

    Basically, I think you're fine.

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    Mommal is right as always. At that age I would put perhaps two ounces in a sippy cup in the morning and offer it through out the day. It was mostly a toy. He drank an ounce a day at most and the rest he poured out to play on the floor with. Around eighteen months he started drinking cow's milk on the nights my husband had it with dinner. Just a few sips of daddy milk as he calls it.

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