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Thread: 10 wo sending mixed signals

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    My son and I were doing well nursing until a couple days ago. He now puts his hands in his mouth and cries uncontrollably until I give him a breast more times than not. Sometimes he will nurse just like before. Most of the time he nurses for 2-5 minutes then "falls asleep". Any sound or movement will set him off again. I end up sitting for 20-30 minutes but he is only sucking for 6-7 minutes of that time. Gentle encouragement like a part in the but don't seem to provoke any response. His good feeding sessions are 12-15 minutes long. Is he hungry and trying to get more milk? Am I doing something wrong? Or has he just decided he needs to be close to mommy all the time? I'm an active person and sitting for long periods to feed him is one thing. Just sitting there because he won't let me do anything else is driving me crazy. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    How is his weight gain? Is nursing comfortable?
    If those are both good then,
    Have you tried wearing him in a carrier, wrap, sling or K'tan, then you can be up and around while he sleeps next to you.

    Of course remember that nursing is not Just about eating but also for comfort and thurst and bonding and easing pain/anxiety.
    Could he be teething? Or be sick? those two things will mess with nursing behavior.

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    with the PP's suggestion to get a wrap or other carrier- to me, it sounds like your baby just doesn't want to be put down, which is a normal and healthy baby behavior that happens to drive a lot of moms absolutely bonkers. With a carrier, baby could be on you with you having to be pinned to the couch.

    Breast compressions might help your baby stay active at the breast for longer: http://www.breastfeedinginc.ca/conte...agename=doc-BC

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    I got trapped on the couch at 5 weeks. I got a Moby Wrap. All better.

    Way too lazy for formula

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