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Thread: My fussy babes with green poo

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    Default My fussy babes with green poo

    My son is almost 4 months old and weight gain is great. I'm still exclusively breastfeeding I've posted on here before and I believe I had an OALD issue in the beginning, but with your guys' help I remedied the situation..

    About a month ago my little guy got a cold from everyone else here in the house. After his cold went away, he developed an ear infection (tugging at ears at night and fussy) which he was put on amoxicillin for. While on the Rx he got greenish stools but seemed ok otherwise. His poo returned to normal (yellow, curdy). Moving on to current day...

    for the past week he has had green stools and sometimes mucousy...and he is extreeeemely fussy at night. I'm talking every hour waking up, tossing and turning, grabbing at hair and ears, crying like he's in tummy pain. Not just the whimpering and rooting like he usually does...I'll pick him up (we co-sleep) and soothe him, and then he'll immediately want to eat. After he's done he'll fall asleep and an hour later same thing. This goes on the entire night and I'm so exhausted. I'm a bear during the day. He's never done this before. Also, during the day sometimes he doesn't want to eat until I stand up and kinda rock him and then he'll latch on. We have been back and forth to dr and he doesn't have another ear infection. So I'm stumped. Any help why poo would be green? He doesn't have a rash or excessive spitting up but still wondering if maybe an intolerance? Teething? Reflux? Thank you so much for any help.
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    Green poop is one of those baby mysteries... So many potential causes, so few definitive explanations! It could be an intolerance. It could be another infection of some sort. It could be teething- that's almost a given, at 4 months. It could be an aftereffect of the antibiotics, which wipe out not only the bad germs that cause the ear infection, but also the good ones that help your baby's digestion. I'd favor that last explanation, because you know your LO just finished up some antibiotics.

    How about starting by picking up a bottle of baby probiotics and seeing if they help?

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    I will definitely try probiotics. I actually have some in the kitchen that I can take too...would that be sufficient enough to pass along in my breast milk? I'm hoping not an intolerance, I dread the thought of an elimination diet.. With baby's constant gnawing and drooling I'm thinking teething too, however would that cause the green runny stools....? I'm so tired!

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    teething and drooling could cause it, and also the night and daytime fussies

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