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Thread: 8-month-old / sore nipples ??

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    Default 8-month-old / sore nipples ??

    Hi everyone,

    My daughter is 8 months old and I've recently started her on solids (once daily with spacing new introductions by at least 3 days). Lately she's been nursing with traction- she will stretch the nipple and lock her straight arms against me to pull on the nipples while she nurses. It's resulting in sore nipples for me. I try to readjust her so that she's farther back on the areola or try to take her arms down from pushing against me and she persists on nursing this way. She nurses vigorously for maybe 5 minutes on each side and then she's done. It's no longer pleasant nursing her because it's painful when she does. I plan on starting to increase her solid food intake to twice daily starting today, thinking maybe she's hungry and needing more solids. Sometimes she will kick and cry after nursing too. I don't know if she's teething or hungry. Anyone have ideas or have experienced something similar? Thanks!

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    Default Re: 8-month-old / sore nipples ??

    I could totally see my son doing this in a couple months. Sounds painful!

    Have you eliminated the possibility of an ear infection? Maybe her method of sucking helps reduce pain.

    Could you try varying your nursing position or location to break her habit? Maybe walk around for a few feedings or nurse her in a sling or carrier. You could also take her outside on a blanket; she might be entertained just enough to still be able to focus on nursing but forget about pulling.

    If it is due to teething could you nurse her then offer a toy or wet washcloth when she starts pulling? I like to give my son a raw baby carrot to help with teething. It's thick enough that he can't break it and also is long enough to reach the back of his gums.

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