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    Default exhaustion

    My daughter is 25 months, sweet, considerate, verbal. Nursing 2-3x/night, 1x/day before nap. She never tantrums or asks for things she doesn't truly need, and is always willing to negotiate.

    But I am exhausted. I have never been very strong physically, and from the beginning nursing has caused me great physical distress -- all the water and sugar and chi just sucked right of my blood. It's like donating blood several times a day.

    My employer has been VERY flexible, but it's been two years, and they say they need me to work 20 hrs/week (rather than 10) or they will have to hire someone else instead. And I love my job, and we really need the money.

    I don't want to wean my sweet girl -- I know she wouldn't ask if it weren't very important -- but I don't think I can keep nursing and also have enough energy to keep my job.

    The books don't seem to mention pure physical exhaustion as a motivation for weaning a toddler, so I don't know where to look for solutions...

    Mama Sharon

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    Default Re: exhaustion

    hows your lron level.
    I know I get tired when mine gets low.

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    Default Re: exhaustion

    Have you talked with your doctor about the exhaustion? It sounds like there might be something else going on--like maybe anemia, vitamin B deficiency, low blood pressure, low blood sugar, thyroid problem--any of those things can cause fatigue. Or maybe the night nursing is really starting to get to you. You could start with trying to night wean. Maybe then you'd have more energy and could keep a couple of daytime nursings.

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