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    I'm currently breastfeeding my 10 1/2 month old. I've been having really sore nipples and I think it's caused from LO teeth when she pulls away. It's so bad that I can't nurse her on one side. I've been trying to pump on the side that hurts right before her feeding and don't get much milk at all. When she sleeps all night I'm engorged in the morning so I know I'm making enough milk. So my question is, is it ok to feed my LO goats milk to supplement not getting enough while I pump?

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    Goats' milk really shouldn't be given before a year. It's just like another milk. My pediatrician said it's better to give formula than goats' milk, but then again, doctors can say that

    Why don't you nurse her from the side that feels fine and then pump the hurty side right afterwards? Btw, the sore nipples can also come from teething. I noticed that when my baby got teeth, each time another tooth came in, I'd feel soreness for a few days until he figured out how to latch better.
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    Dr Jack Newman says it's fine to give babies milk from a different species if they are on a variety of solids. At 10.5 mos, I'd feel comfortable giving a couple oz of goat's milk. I'm not a fan of formula at all, especially after 6 mos, but I'm not a doctor either.
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    I personally would choose formula over any other milk. It's much closer in composition to human milk than any other alternative- unless you happen to have access to gorilla milk!

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