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Thread: Restarting at 6.5 months

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    Talking Restarting at 6.5 months

    I posted this in the wrong fourm oops

    Okay so here is my story mamas

    my son was born a month early (01.12.2014) went to the NICU stay. I pumped every three hours and gave him milk, and lucky we were out after 10 days. Then I started EBF (which was tough at first due to latch). So I was on leave from work till he was 3 months old, once I returned to work I pumped which was going okay cause I returned at a bad time going through a major change that caused me not to pump as much I would of liked so mu supply started from 4oz to 2oz to 1oz and i was lucky .5oz till I am getting only drops.

    So that puts us where I am at now, I pump and still produce but only drops. I use the SNS and take furngreek 4pills 3 times daily. I rented a hospital grade pump and it will be here the 22nd (cant wait). Now that work hass slowed down and I am getting more pumping sessions to get my supply back I am doing as much as I can. But I am at my wits ends, I have my husband full support of this but I need the you can do it thing. I need people stories and any advise what so ever.

    Sadly the LLL doesnt do meeting where I am at and the leaders are always on call at the hospital and really don't have much time to talk to me, I have done so already. I am okay with that. A lot of the things I have read about I taught myself.

    So all I am asking is support and stories.

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    Default Re: Restarting at 6.5 months

    HI, you are right, this is the correct forum. However, I see you have had many responses on your other thread in the 3-12 month forum so fyi that is where I just responded as well.

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