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Thread: possible milk allergy....help

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    Unhappy possible milk allergy....help

    I went to my ped today and my LO has gained a pound in 12 days...about 1.3 oz per day..pretty good! However, he is constantly fussy after every feeding and we don't know why. The doctor said to try to switch to a non-dairy diet for a few days to see if this helps. Anyone on this? I have no idea what to eat and what to avoid. I know milk and cheeses, but what else? I'm hoping this is the issue and not colic - I'm going crazy. Any suggestions would be great!!

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    I am not currently on an elimination diet, but was when ds was younger. I heard it can take up to 2 weeks to get dairy completely out of your system, so I stayed away from all forms of dairy. Anything that said it contained dairy on the label I wouldn't eat. It was hard but well worth it, I saw a huge improvement with ds in a matter of a couple weeks. Try eating nuts, fruits, veegies, dairy free bread, I even bought Rice ice cream, it was actually pretty good and gave was a little treat for all that hard work!

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    So many of us here have to stay away from dairy. I am just starting to get yogurt and cheeses back in my diet. My DD is 7.5 months old. She was gassy and fussy when I ate dairy. Sometimes I would forget at get togethers and such and eat something that had sour cream, cream cheese, etc in it and would notice later.

    Keep in mind too that little babies do just cry sometimes. Trying walking, singing, babywearing, rocking, and skin to skin contact when your little one gets fussy.

    HTH and good luck.

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    Default Re: possible milk allergy....help

    I hope you don't mind me saying this but wouldn't gas be the most obvious issue and very very very common? What made your doctor think a dairy issue which is much much rarer?
    How is he at bringing gas up?

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    If you will scroll down you will see a forum especially for allergies. There will be a lot of good info for you there. How old is your little one? Are there any other symptoms such as rashes, congestion, blood in the stool? It could be an allergy but it could be other things too. More info would help us to answer your questions. In the meantime, if you do plan to eliminate dairy, be aware that it is hidden in a lot of foods and like pp said, it could take more than a few days for you to notice a difference. If you suspect that it could be other foods (for example something like beans giving him gas) try to keep a food journal for a few days and see if you can spot some culprits.

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