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Thread: Worried Sick...Please Read

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    Default Worried Sick...Please Read

    Hello all. Just came from my LO's 9month checkup. My little slow gainer. First let me give you the stats...

    Born 2/28 8.8lbs
    4/28 12.3lbs 50% percentile
    7/3 14.2lbs 25%
    9/1 15.5lbs 10%
    11/28 16.0lbs 3%

    The %'s are based on the WHO charts for BF babies. This worries me sick. I have been in tears ever since leaving the office. My LO has 6-8 wets a day, eats every 2 hours (including 2 meals of solids) and is a VERY active little boy. Today the doctor said as he said at the 6 month checkup, let's watch him and see what he does next checkup, in the meantime offer him more food. It crossed my mind to give a bottle or 2, and I swore I would NEVER do that. I am at a loss...

    AND BIG AND....he noted a heart murmur and wants to have him checked by a cardiologist. The first appointment is 3 months away and my doctor says, that's fine, it's not an emergency. Boy docs sure have a knack of worrying the s*^% out of a mom, then say "no cause for alarm". Any experience with a heart murmur?

    I need advice, before this Mom loses it........
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    Default Re: Worried Sick...Please Read

    I don't have too much to offer but a ! And DS was put in the hospital at 2 weeks old and so many dr.s were coming in and checking him...one was like "do you know he has a heart murmur?" all snotty...and I was like OMG! SHe was like its not a big deal...many babies have them and grow out of them...it didn't really put me at peace, but no dr. has ever mentioned it again...I know what you mean about doctors scaring the s*#t out of you! Sorry hope others will chime in.

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    Default Re: Worried Sick...Please Read

    What a rough day! Well if you LO is as active as you say he is, it could explain why he doesn't gain weight. If he is peeing and pooping and otherwise healthy I wouldn't worry. Grownups come in all shapes and sizes and why shouldn't babies?

    About the heart murmur....My niece was diagnosed with one by her ped. She went back to the same ped several more times and the same thing- heart murmur every time. There were specific symptoms that everyone was supposed to watch out for. I can't remember many of them but lethargy and pale color were a couple. She showed none of these symptoms and was not only healthy but flourishing at a very fast pace. Walking, talking faster than her peers. Happiest baby you could meet. Finally they went to see a specialist who confirmed that there was no heart murmur. When my nephew was born a few months ago, the same ped said the same thing about him!!! He had some problems when he was born and spent a few days in NICU and the first three months with a heart monitor. No other doctor suspected a heart murmur. I also learned of a couple this week who were worried about a heart murmer the ped found. Went to a specialist and all was well. It was called a harmless murmur. So, I don't think that the all these peds are way off or trying to cause needless worry but I am getting the feeling that it is something better diagnosed by a specialist. Try not to worry and definitely get a second opinion!!!!!

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    Default Re: Worried Sick...Please Read

    First let me say, I would also be very alarmed if my ped told me what yours told you. When you first mentioned poor weight gain and a heart murmur, I thought to myself that sometimes a heart condition can cause poor weight gain. I found a site that has good info on heart murmurs. http://www.healthline.com/galecontent/heart-murmurs-1 More than likely though, its probably just a coincidence. I agree with pp that some babies are just meant to be little. My lo is the same way- birth 8 lbs 14oz, 2 mo 11 lbs, and today at 4 mo- 12 lbs 7 oz. I just think she is meant to be petite. As long as your lo is full of energy and putting out well, I would just try to put the murmur out of my mind until his appt. After all, worrying won't fix anything, it will just drive us mommies nuts

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    Default Re: Worried Sick...Please Read

    Is your LO growing well length wise? I know that DS has slowed considerably in his weight gain (to a stand still I think) but he is still growing in height. Our ped said that he expected this to happen as he became more active and as long as he was growing "up" he wouldn't be too concerned with him growing "out". At 9 mos your LO is probably burning a ton of calories cruising around and it sounds like the diaper output is great.

    I wish I could give you reassurance about the heart murmur....I just don't have any experience with that.... so to you.

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    Default Re: Worried Sick...Please Read

    So...your lo is 9 months old right? My dd is 11.5 months and weighs 16.5 pounds...and I am a bit concerned. But, my dh's family is small in stature and I keep leaning on that. I am not looking forward to her 12 month check, for that reason, but I truly believe that they grow at their own pace and that those charts can only scare a mother. I try to remember what those charts mean...and not get too caught up in the actual numbers.

    HTH and I am keeping my fingers crossed for both of us!

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    Default Re: Worried Sick...Please Read

    I do not know much about heart murmurs but I do know about slow gainers and little babies... I will bump my thread from a while back at my sons 9 months appointment...try not to worry....many babies slow down at this age for many many reasons..it is much more common then you would think. Also, during our stage of slow weight gain I learned to trust my body, Thomas and God that everything would be OK Now at 18 months he is "maybe" 22, maybe... my husband is small and so am I... Hang in there and make sure that you read my thread, called "9 month old falling off of the charts!!" Brittan-

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    Default Re: Worried Sick...Please Read

    are you and/or your DH of small stature .... genetics are a factor! If either of you are more slight in build, it may be that your LO is just not going to be a biggun like some others are ... my friend's babies are all tiny but, both her and her husband are small framed, thin and not very tall.
    No suggestion on the murmur - I know nothing about them but, I sure will keep you and your LO in my prayers!
    Hope it all works out OK

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    Default Re: Worried Sick...Please Read

    When my DD was 4 she was sent to a pediatric cardiologist for a heart murmur. It was stressful for me but it turned out to be nothing that required on going care. She still has the heart murmur.

    I think that if the Dr. believed the matter was emergent you would have been sent to the ER right away.

    In my experiences with specialists it is not uncommon to have to wait sometime to have an appointment with them. I don't know if the cardiologist that you will be seeing can maybe see you sooner at another location. That might help put your mind at ease but may require some travel on your part to a hospital further away.

    I would take it as a good sign though that your DS is very active. I remember being asked if my daughter was lethargic or tired easily. She was and still is very active.

    I Hope this helps a little
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    Default Re: Worried Sick...Please Read

    I am so sorry you have had to go through this. It is scary to be told that your LO has a heart murmur. My DD was diagnosed with a heart mumur when she was born. We were told that it was not big deal and it would close up on it's own. The pediatric cardiologist wanted to see her back at 4 months. We back at 4 months and the pediatric cardiologist informed us that she misdiagnosed DD and that she has a murmur that will not close on it's own and that she would need open heart surgery. Talk about scared out of your mind. I just lost it right there in the office. We have since gone for a second opinion and met with a surgeon. DD will have to have surgery, but not until she is between 1-2 years of age or unless she starts showing signs of needing the surgery earlier. DD is healthy and gaining well. She is almost 7 months old. One of the signs we were told was slow weight gain. DD doesn't like to eat a whole lot and I am sometimes surprised about how healthy she is. I look at DD and think, how can this have happened. I worry about her alot, even though I knowI shouldn't.

    That being said, I wouldn't take it lightly until you meet with the specialist. I hope and pray that your LO's heart murmur is nothing and will heal on it's own.

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