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Thread: How do you leave the house? Looking for advice.

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    What mommal said But just to add my experience - I generally limited time away from baby that I would have to pump because I just hated all the fuss. But I worked full time so pumping was just part of my life like brushing my teeth for well past the year mark. When I did have an event or occassion that would take me away from baby for more than 1 hour (that was my personal decision on time) I took the pump and planned how I would save milk. I never had a huge stash so everytime I pumped I needed to save that milk. I attended a wedding this last year where I was away all day - I brought a cooler with ice packs as PP have suggested and made sure I would have a place to pump. I use a Medella pump that I have used through both kids. The battery pack on it is enough for me to express my normal outputs. I also have an adapter for my vehicle that plugs into the AC power outlet that I can use with standard plugs. I kept a bottle of water handy so that I could rinse bottles/flanges when done and stored them in the cooler with the milk. The strangest place I ever pumped was at a chili cook-off a few years ago. The only place I had to pump was a bathroom so it was awkward. I was enjoying adult beverages this day so I was dumping the milk(this milk was definitely not safe for baby) so had I needed to save it I would have had to come up with a different plan. HTH!
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    I bring a cooler to store the milk in when I'm out - it can be stored in there as long as the cold pack stays cold. If I'm at the home of someone I know - they have no issues with me putting my milk in their fridge.

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