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Thread: Thrush or Eczema?

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    Default Thrush or Eczema?

    Sorry long question..My daughter is 3 weeks. I went to the doctor Monday complaining of something completely different and the she told me she thinks I may have thrush but she's not sure so she decided to treat it just in case. She put me on nystatin cream and my daughter is on oral nystatin. I am also using grapefruit seed extract, I'm sleeping without a top on, cut out most sugar, boiling and washing everything like crazy with vinegar and were both on good probiotics. I'm seeing no difference. So my question is, could this be eczema and not thrush? I was looking through some pictures and a few of eczema look exactly like what I have. I also have a history of eczema.
    Here are my symptoms:
    *Red/pink nipples that randomly will get better and worse. Almost look normal at times. Tips of my nipples will randomly turn white.
    *Pink rash on breasts that randomly gets better or worse. Get's worse when I pump, the rash looks like broken blood vessels.
    *My nipples and breasts will sometimes itch.
    *I have pain in my nipples for a few seconds after latch on. Not sure if this is related or not. Otherwise no pain.
    *My daughter is showing no symptoms.

    Input is greatly appreciated! This is driving my a little batty.

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    Default Re: Thrush or Eczema?

    So has latch always been painful initially? Is this improving or staying the same? No matter what the skin or other issues are, getting a better latch should help.

    Nipples turning white after nursing is a sign of vasospasm. Do they really hurt when this happens? Applying heat at that moment should provide some relief if the issue is vasospasm.

    While eczema or another skin condition is certainly possible, I would say most of your symptoms sound pretty much like textbook thrush, but if it is thrush, you may need a different treatment. Nystatin is notoriously ineffective as a thrush treatment.

    On the other hand, the rash all over the breasts does not fit with thrush. And thrush is way over diagnosed. Of course, I see no reason the two might not occur together.

    Can you see a dermatologist? How do you treat your eczema typically?

    Can you get a hold of the book Breastfeeding Answers Made Simple? It is a lactation text, so any lactation consultant should have it (any doctor who treats mothers or babies also should have it, but probably will not.) It has an excellent discussion of skin conditions that may cause nipple and breast pain and rash in breastfeeding moms.

    What kind of pump are you using? Is pumping necessary at this point? Any pain when pumping?

    more on thrush http://www.breastfeedinginc.ca/conte...agename=doc-CP

    and vasospasm: http://www.breastfeedinginc.ca/conte...ename=doc-V-RP

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    Default Re: Thrush or Eczema?

    Latch has not always been painful initially, but after paying attention to it closer I think it is my let down. The other breast gets the same pain as well and it occurs a few seconds after latching. So if it is my let down that means I have no other pain.

    The vosospasm does not hurt.

    What other treatment besides nystatin have you heard of working for thrush?

    I can see a dermatologist but have to pay a whole other $200 deductible for the year which I am trying to avoid. But if it means getting the answers I need I will end up doing it.
    Typically I treat my eczema with cetaphil cream but that actually made my nipples itch so I quit using it.

    I will have to ask my lactation consultant if she has that book.

    I'm using a medela swing pump. I do not have to pump but I do if my daughter does not fully empty my breast or to relieve engorgment. I believe I have an over active let down or an over supply. She can eat for 6-10 minutes and be fully content, is gaining steady weight and has tons of wet and dirty diapers. She also chokes a bit for the first little while when eating. I'm trying to figure out how to correct this issue as well.

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    Default Re: Thrush or Eczema?

    Oh, I also used the APNO and that didn't seem to help much and it gave me a terrible burning sensation so I quit using it.

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    Default Re: Thrush or Eczema?

    read the thrush protocol I linked for the various treatments for thrush. It is not just about APNO, that is the first suggested treatment, but can be skipped entirely. There is no particular need to follow Newman's protocol exactly, but I like it because he covers the most effective thrush treatments including dosages so clearly. You will find much of the same info on thrush treatments in Breastfeeding Answers.... but she also talks about eczema and other issues.

    A frequently overlooked but usually quite effective treatment for thrush is gentian violet, but you have to use it in the correct concentration.

    If you are talking prescription anti-fungals, fluconazole has been shown in studies to be much more effective than nystatin for thrush. http://www.breastfeedinginc.ca/conte...ename=doc-Fluc

    I certainly agree that if anything is causing more pain, discontinue it's use! If compounded correctly, APNO contains 3 ingredients and any one (or more) of them may have caused burning.

    But if you are treating for thrush, and thrush is not the problem, thrush treatments are not going to work. So it can be very frustrating! Did your LC examine you, does she think the issue is thrush?
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    When I saw my LC she said she thought my red nipples were just chapped. My rash showed up the next day. I plan on calling her again in the morning. I have noticed now that my rash it better in the morning after sleeping topless all night and worse in the evenings after a hot shower. I'm not sure what that means. Thank you for all the info. I'll be sure to try some other remedies if nothing else works .

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    Default Re: Thrush or Eczema?

    Maybe this is a longshot- especially compared to the possibility of thrush- but are you using a lanolin ointment? Some people are allergic to lanolin.

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    Default Re: Thrush or Eczema?

    Personally, I have gotten an itchy red rash on my breasts (not nipples or areola) at some point while nursing every baby. Heat and sweat makes it worse and "airing out" always helps. So it appears to be related to a heat rash, but it is not something I ever experience when NOT nursing.

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    Default Re: Thrush or Eczema?

    I know this is an old thread but for those mothers reading the thread for their reference have a read of my post here: http://forum.itsan.org/index.php?top...32272#msg32272 or my blog http://www.beautifulparenting.co.uk/...a-and-tsw-blog to maybe shed some light on nipple and areolae soreness and the use of hydrocortisone.

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