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Thread: medela sns tubing swap anyone?

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    Default medela sns tubing swap anyone?

    I'm currentely using a medela sns to nurse my adopted son and I just broke my second to last set of the large tubing. I called medela Canada and was told that they've discontinued the tubing! I tried finding a retailer that still has stock available and this has also been difficult. I had an idea though and was wondering if I could find someone online that would like to swap me their large tubing (clear base) for either my small or medium sized tubing. I could put mine in an envelope right away and you could do likewise and we could both end up with a nearly freely set of tubes. Just send me a private message if you're intersted. If you know someone using a sns maybe you could help me or them or me out and pass on my idea.

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    Default Re: medela sns tubing swap anyone?

    I can't help you, but you might want to try putting your request on the LLL Facebook page. That might help you reach a wider audience!

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    Default Re: medela sns tubing swap anyone?

    I have a large one I dont use I use the normal one the white one for my son. I dont think we would ever use the large one.

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