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Thread: Is it late to increase milk supply?

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    Default Is it late to increase milk supply?

    My DS is 4 weeks old. I have been pumping to feed him in bottle as he is having difficulty latching on my inverted nipple. I had tried breast shield the first week and my baby gets frustrated after a minute of sucking. I have been trying every feed and he just cries in frustration where I ended up feeding him in bottle. I was using mipump at the beginning pumping three times a day and my milk supply dipped. I bought the ameda purely yours now and it has been two days sincw i start pumping seven times a day but the milk content i get at a session is about 1.5oz together from both breasts. Am also taking fenugreek. I wanted to know how long before i get an increase in milk supply. I am also doing formula to supplement my baby but would like to stop it. Please help me as it is becoming frustrating to get little amount.

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    I cannot tell you how long it will take to increase your milk production to the point you no longer need to supplement, or if that will ever happen, but yes, generally speaking it is certainly possible to increase milk production at this or any other point.

    First off, is your goal to exclusively pump, or would you still like to try nursing at the breast? Many baby's have difficulty latching. Having inverted nipples is not always a barrier any more than anything else.

    Here are some suggestions, I hope some will work for you

    See a board certified lactation consultant (IBCLC)
    Get the book Making More Milk
    look up articles on increasing milk production and increasing pump output here www.kellymom.com
    Pump more often, at least 8-10 times a 24 hour day. A one month old baby would typically be eating at least that often.
    Rent a hospital grade pump. A purely yours is not the appropriate pump for the job you are asking it to do. Use it if that is all you have, but a hospital grade pump may well get better results for you.
    Add hand expression to your pump sessions http://www.llli.org/docs/00000000000...expression.pdf
    have a realistic expectation of how much milk you are likely to produce each time you pump. I know it is frustrating to see what looks like a very small amount of milk when you pump, but A normal nursing session at this age would typically result in 1-3 ounces of milk transferred. So 1.5 is not all that bad, actually.
    Make sure baby is fed in a breastfeeding supportive way. Typically, this means, frequently, small amounts at a time, with either an alternative feeding method or paced bottle feeding. http://www.llli.org/docs/00000000000...astfedbaby.pdf

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    Default Re: Is it late to increase milk supply?

    What LLLMeg said!

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