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Thread: Live, Love, Latch! August 2014

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    Live, Love, Latch! is a National Breastfeeding Month celebration presented by La Leche League USA and hosted by LLL Groups throughout the country. National Breastfeeding Month is August 1-31.

    This celebration is, of course, to celebrate breastfeeding, but also to highlight support. All in attendance at a Live, Love, Latch! event will be counted as participants, with the goal being to break the previous year's record for breastfeeding supporters attending. You do not need to be breastfeeding to be included.

    This celebration provides an opportunity to educate family, friends, healthcare providers and other community members about how they can support breastfeeding, and also emphasizes the value of the support network behind every nursing dyad.

    Check the Live, Love, Latch map to see if there's an event being held near you: https://sites.google.com/site/livelovelatch/events

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    Thanks for posting this here, Karen, it completely slipped my mind!!

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    Events like this is very important, as breastfeeding is important to our babies. Most women think, that breastfeeding causes hurt and damages breast beauty.
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