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Thread: Initially took bottles, now won't take them

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    Default Initially took bottles, now won't take them

    I am hoping for some advice. My three month old took bottles a handful of times but it has been about two weeks since we gave him one, and he now doesn't want it. We ran into this same issue with my first son and he refused until after I went back to work. That was ok at the time since my mom was here to help. This time, my husband will be by himself with no help when I go back to work and he wants to have the bottle situation resolved beforehand since he will have two kids to take care of. What can I do? I hate to refuse the breast until he accepts a bottle but it is looking like that is what has to happen. He went today from 2pm-8pm without eating because he didn't want the bottle.

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    Default Re: Initially took bottles, now won't take them

    Hi there. I am by no means an expert. But I do know my LO absolutely will not take a bottle from me. If i am home or around....she BFs. Who is trying to give LO the bottle, you or DH? If your LO smells you near he may refuse the bottle. Also, I don't believe your LO would go to the extent of starving himself. I have heard of babies revere cycling...so that is also a possibility. My LO, for quite some time, would sleep the entire time i was at work. she just recently has starting breaking out of that. I hope i have helped a little. But Im sure some much more knowledgeable and helpful ladies will respond as well.Hang inthere.

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    Default Re: Initially took bottles, now won't take them

    I hated it but it seemed to work when my MIL put a drop of Karo Syrup (corn syrup) on the bottle nipple.

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