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Thread: How to transition to Sippy Cup

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    Default How to transition to Sippy Cup

    My 9 month old took has never liked bottles. I have been trying to introduce a bottle from a couple of months with no luck. I am now trying sippy cups. He just takes a few sips and that is all. He gets frustrated and starts crying so I end up nursing him. He would go for hours but still wont drink from the cup. I need to get back to work once he turns one. It looks impossible right now. Someone suggested that I should just let him starve and not nurse him when he rejects the sippy cup. Is it ok to do that? He is already a small one who hates solids. I would hate to starve him and deprive him of the only thing that he is surviving on, but I also need him to transition.

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    Default Re: How to transition to Sippy Cup

    what happens if some one else tries to give him a bottle or cup when you are absent?
    Many breast fed babies won't take bottles from mom since the real thing is right there and you don't necessarily want them to anyway if you are not yet trying to wean.
    When my LO was refusing bottles at 3 months my MIL put karo syrup on the nipple and he took it (which isn't necessarily a good thing since he now tends to have a preference for the flow of bottles.)

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    Default Re: How to transition to Sippy Cup

    My baby is almost 9 months and doesn't drink well enough from a sippy cup - but he does drink well from a straw! Have you tried that?
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    Default Re: How to transition to Sippy Cup

    You could consider an open cup like a doidy cup too...

    Different sippy cups have different 'flows' too... Which means lo can be struggling with it being too hard or too easy :/

    I would try not to worry and get lo play with the cup(yes potentially messy) just to get used to it and what it does without the pressure of needing it.

    A hungry baby and cup is more likely to be frustrated than a full baby discovering what they are holding is useful for liquid!

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