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Thread: Pumping every 2 hours and not increasing!!

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    Hi--I have a 10 day old son who arrived via emergency c-section due to an abrupted placenta, seemed to be feeding fine up until hospital discharge. One day after hospital discharged us we returned to have his Bili levels checked and they were 18.9 so we had to be re-admitted to the NICU for 3 days for light therapy and lactation help since he was not transferring my breast milk at all. In the hospital I managed to pump enough to supplement his breast feedings with my breast milk and avoid formula, also had help to improve his latch and transferring of milk. Once home I was able to pump anywhere from 2-3oz per pumping session with a rental Medela Lactina pump, however in the past 2 days I have not been producing much at all and am becoming frustrated!! I was given Percocet for post op pain but found out online that the meds may be decreasing my supply as well as causing sedation and CNS suppression in my newborn so I stopped taking them as of yesterday and have been pumping and dumping every two hours to eliminate the meds from the milk as well as increasing my supply. I set an alarm to pump every 2 hours during the day and every 3 hours at night and have not had an increase at all, we have been feeding my son Gerber Gentle Supplementing formula and really want to get back to breast milk exclusively but I'm concerned about my supply, was hoping the the pumping routine would do

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    Are you drinking tons of water and eating enough calories? are you single or double pumping and for how long?

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    It should take a few days to see an increase in supply. Give the hotline listed in the link above a call to get the best information on the meds you were taking and what the best course of action would be concerning pumping and dumping. Are you still working with an IBCLC? Or at least your local LLL leader?

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