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    My daughter is five months old and we have been breast feeding this whole time well all of a sudden she is refusing to nurse all together. She will latch then immediately pull off. I'm not ready to give up yet and I need help. Any thoughts?

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    It could be a range of things.... Something different you ate making your milk taste different... If you change perfume/soap/laundry soap... It could be that she is teething or her age is making her more distractable....

    How long hasn't she nursed for? Often it is just a temporary thing... Try to nurse her somewhere familiar and quiet and keep offering! And do a mental check in case you changed something

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    I agree it could be a variety of reasons and 5 months seems to be one of the most common for babies to strike. Will she still nurse when sleeping and just waking up? My oldest got all of his nursing sessions in at night and after I'd rocked him to sleep for his nap i could latch him on when he had his mini strike. This link should offer some helpful tips.

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