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Thread: Unsure and nervous to try again.

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    Hi. I breastfed my baby girl from birth to almost 6 months but due to low supply and a severe reflux baby I stopped. She is now 9 months and I miss it terribly. I feel like we are both missing out on something important. Our original plan was to make it to 2 years. She is doing wonderfully now with very little reflux symptoms so I'm afraid if I try to bf again it will somehow set her back. I was never able to exclusively bf since I could never maintain a full supply due to my pcos but would like to try this again for the bonding and immune system benefits. Is this even possible without a pump? I have a cheap electric pump I can use but the suction is not very good. I know oatmeal helped a lot along with supplements but would that be enough to get me started all over again?

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    Welcome to the forum!

    Breastfeeding will not set your baby back. Reflux improves with time, as the baby's sphincters develop and strengthen. So what you were seeing at 6 weeks or 6 months- it's probably not going to be as much of a problem at 9 months, if it's there at all.

    Relactation and nursing again are both possible, even without a great pump. A really good pump will probably make the relactation process a lot easier and faster, but it's not impossible even with no pump. Will your baby latch on and nurse at all? If she will, I encourage you to start that way. That way you are getting a lot of the benefits of nursing- the closeness, the cuddling, the jaw development- even when there's no milk present. And the baby may do a good job of stimulating your supply, if she is willing to nurse frequently and well. If you can combine nursing with frequent pumping, wonderful! That should make things go even faster and make nursing more rewarding for your baby which will increase supply and make pumping even easier- you can see how success in one area fosters success in another!

    When it comes to supplements, oatmeal and fenugreek and teas are all nice. But none of them will do you anywhere near as much good as frequent stimulation to and milk removal from the breast using either the baby or a pump.

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    I tried last night to get her to latch but seemed a bit confused, she did bite though. I'm thinking of trying the nipple shield to help her relearn the latch. I'm thinking it might make it easier if my nipple is similar to the bottle at first? I will start using the pump again in the mean time. Thanks your all your help.

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