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Thread: Menstrual cycle=extra fussy LO. To supplement or not?

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    Default Menstrual cycle=extra fussy LO. To supplement or not?

    Hi ladies - I have some questions about nursing and the return of the menstrual cycle. (sorry in advance for the long post!)

    For those of you who's menstrual cycle has returned, do you find your baby is fussy just before or during your cycle? If so, do you have to take any supplements or do you just "wait it out" until that week is over and baby is back to nursing normally? By supplements I mean like a calcium/magnesium vitamin or maybe some fenugreek.

    I'm finding that a week or so before my period starts (this is only my 2nd cycle so far) my baby girl gets extremely fussy... latches on and off and then gives up entirely (before a letdown). She also flaps her lips together like she's tasting it and it tastes different (?). So I don't know if my supply drops and annoys her OR if the taste of the milk actually changes. I do hear her sucking and swallowing as soon as she latches on, but it's only a few suck/swallows until she pulls off and gives up. So she's getting SOMETHING obviously, but I can't imagine it's a lot with that short amount of time. (by the way, she's 7 months old now).

    Do I need to worry? Do I need to take a supplement to help? Or just know that every month there's going to be a fussy week...and maybe I'll have to pump more that week? What do you ladies do? Sorry for this SUPER long post. Just so frustrated. Thanks for any help!
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    Default Re: Menstrual cycle=extra fussy LO. To supplement or not?

    I think my cycle returned but I don't get the bleeding - I get every other aspect of menstruation though, weird as it may sound. Like full PMS every month. For a week I have a major drop in supply but I don't really do much about it because by the time something would actually kick in, supply is anyway going up then so why bother. I just nurse as often as my baby wants and since I can't pump as much as I normally do while at work, I send whatever I CAN pump and also send along some solids so he's not that hungry. In the olden days before we started solids, I sent along extra milk from my freezer stash. Just knowing that it always comes back over the weekend is enough to keep me from worrying. This month I decided to be pre-emptive and drink a cup of beer each night. I wonder how that will work. Last month I tried fenugreek and all it did was make me feel super hungry all day long and have low blood sugar symptoms, which weren't cool. And will make me fat if I keep that up.

    Pumping extra did not help me one bit. Main thing is to nurse as often as baby wants, that's all. Also my baby always made up for it the following week by eating extra.
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    Default Re: Menstrual cycle=extra fussy LO. To supplement or not?

    Bump! I came to the board to ask the same thing. I have period symptoms, too, but no actual bleeding. How else can we manage the hormonal changes?

    Baby is 4mo old and keeping up on the growth chart, but I don't think he gains weight the week before/after my period. Every day my milk supply seems different- gradually increases until ovulation, then drops until my period. Afternoons are almost always terrible - fussy baby, fussy momma.

    This time i tried taking More Milk Plus and pumping on the days I thought I was low, but ended up with a plugged duct. Please help. Getting really frustrated.

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    Default Re: Menstrual cycle=extra fussy LO. To supplement or not?

    The best way to cope with supply fluctuations is to let the baby do it. He's going to get the milk he needs as long as he does the work or nursing well. That might mean he nurses a lot more frequently than usual, or for longer periods, or requires both breasts instead of just one. And he may be fussy- but that frustration is part of the learning process.

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