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Thread: Breastfeeding Today, Issue 24, July 2014

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    Breastfeeding Today, Issue 24, July 2014

    Features: The Mother Blessing Ceremony: A Celebration of a Woman's Transition into Motherhood

    Ten ideas and important things to consider when planning your ceremony and
    Gift ideas to consider

    When Wants and Needs Collide - As baby grows, the breastfeeding relationship provides experience with negotiation and compromise.

    Smoking - finding a way to quit

    Working Ethiopian Mothers Determined to Breastfeed
    Mothers' Stories: Breastfeeding Through Critical Illness and Recovery - Natalie finds a way to maintain her breastfeeding relationship with her baby during a months-long hospitalization.
    (mother hospitalized, separation from baby, pumping to maintain supply)

    Patience and Fortitude - Vanessa's persistence is rewarded as she pumps to maintain and increase her supply while her baby learns how to latch.
    (pumping to increase supply, supplementing with formula, slow weight gain, latch problems)

    Promoting Dad's Role in Breastfeeding - Pascal gives a father's perspective on supporting breastfeeding, suggesting the need for "father-to-father" support.
    (fathering, family support)
    Mom to Mom: I Want a Natural Birth
    "The birth of my first baby, who is now two years old,
    was traumatic. I didn’t progress at the expected rate
    during labor, which led to a cascade of medical
    interventions resulting in a cesarean. I felt really out
    of control and frightened. I am now pregnant again
    and am exploring the options open to me for birthing
    my baby naturally."
    What's Cooking: The Jewel of the Irish Sea

    Recipe: Homity Pie
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