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Thread: Increase Fertility by Weaning?

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    Question Increase Fertility by Weaning?

    Hi, Ladies.

    I have been slowly weaning my second child who is now 16 months old and am down to nursing just once a day. I posted last month because we were ready to start trying for another baby and my periods had been pretty regular (28-30 days long). Last month, my cycle was only 27 days with a luteal phase of 10 or 11 days and I was worried that maybe my cycles were getting shorter as a result of still nursing. After receiving advice here, I decided not to worry about it and to do nothing. However, this last cycle I just had was only 24 days long with a luteal phase of 9 days. That is two short cycles in a row and they appear to be getting shorter. It's upsetting to me because things have seemed nice and regular and just as soon as we start actively trying to get pregnant, BOOM! My body won't cooperate! Very frustrating and disheartening.

    At this point, I'm thinking that the most obvious way to lengthen my luteal phase is to wean completely. I'm wondering for those of you that had a short luteal phase due to breastfeeding, did it increase quickly once you weaned completely? Did it still take several months after weaning to balance out?

    In addition to weaning, I've thought about taking vitamin B6 as that is supposed to help. Does anyone have any reputable resources about that vitamin being used in that way? I've found a lot of people on message boards and forums saying that they use it but very little info from a reputable source explaining what it does and how to take it correctly. For example, if you start taking 50 mg a day, do you have to continue that throughout the first trimester? Throughout the entire pregnancy? I'm wary about taking something without really knowing what it will do to my body or how it might impact a pregnancy.

    I'm curious to hear from any other moms who had short luteal phases while still nursing and what your experience was when you weaned or what supplements you used to correct the issue.

    Thank you!

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    Default Re: Increase Fertility by Weaning?

    There are a lot of potential causes for short luteal phases, and while breastfeeding might feel like the most obvious culprit, I think it only feels obvious because it's the one potential cause you can see and control. If this were me, I would want to do the following:
    - See my midwife or obstetrician.
    - Go see my family practice doc and get a full basic physical- always a good idea before trying to conceive! Make sure you discuss your worries about your luteal phase and any other health concerns. I also strongly recommend getting a thyroid panel (thryoid problems are common in postpartum moms, can go undiagnosed for years, and can cause issues with short luteal phase).
    - Get a copy of Taking Charge of Your Fetility and a good basal body thermometer, and start charting. Make especial use of the "Troubleshooting Your Cycle" section in the back of TCOYF.

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