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    I just wanted to ask what is proper protocol for breast milk frozen, thawed and then given to baby, how long can it be good for? I mean if I give my baby a bottle, say 4 ounces at 7pm and baby only drinks 1 ounce, how long can we keep the bottle out and continue feeding? I have been reading all sorts of different guidelines. But what should I do?
    Also another question, since I am starting to bottle feed my LO expressed breast milk, how do I know if she is getting enough? She is 11 1/2 months old. She's eating solids quite well (baby led), but some days nurses well, and some days not so much. Nights are really bad lately, so I nurse her everytime she gets up, can be just about hourly most nights, but she doesn't seem to be actually eating most times, more of just comfort nursing.
    I do know she doesn't drink expressed milk well from bottle or sippy cup, and I will be needing to leave her for a couple of days & possibly nights. This is where I thought hubby could have a bottle ready and waiting for her and keep out at night time because she's up so often. But I don't know.........

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    Thawed milk is good for about 12 hours... I would give it in small amounts e.g 1 or 2oz and leave the rest in the fridge... You can always go back for more that they haven't eaten from that way. Not sure how you deal with it if they have taken from it. Hopefully someone with more experience will reply

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    Thawed milk is good for 24 hours in the fridge. Daycares sometimes have strict rules that if baby has started a bottle, they won't put the bottle back in the fridge and then re-feed from that bottle. In that situation it is especially important to make bottles small so that none gets wasted. Personally I was more liberal and if baby started a bottle and didn't want to drink the whole thing, I had my nanny put it back in the fridge and finish it later. Not sure I would do that more than once though (ie, baby should finish the bottle in one or two sittings).

    On average a baby between 1 month and 12 months of age will have 24 oz in 24 hours, but the range can be anywhere between 19 and 30-32 ounces. Since your baby is close to a year, on the days that she's enthusiastic about solids maybe she will be more towards the lower end of the range than the higher. Typically baby will have 2-4 oz at the breast so bottles should be a similar size.

    Do you think baby might be teething (one year molars?) and that's why she wants to nurse so much at night? If she's mostly comfort nursing, definitely have hubby prepare small bottles (like an oz) to help get her back to sleep, if it helps. It's also possible that he will find non-nursing ways to get her back down. An 11.5 month old knows where the milk comes from and she won't expect to nurse from dad!

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