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Thread: 8 week old pulls away from breast

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    Default 8 week old pulls away from breast

    We just had a 2 day growth spurt but it's day three and he's been acting slightly different at the breast. He'll make signs that he's hungry, whether its right after a feeding or 2-3 hours after and he latches on then pulls away after a few minutes. He still seems interested so I'll latch him back on and then within a few minutes he'll pull away. He seems restless. Wont sleep during the day but will fall asleep around 7-8 then have some good long stretches and I'll dream feed or pump out the skipped feeding.

    Slightly frustrated with his eating habits during the day and I'm not sure what is going on. I've checked multiple times when he pulls away to make sure that there is milk and there is plenty.

    Any ideas? should I call lactation?

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    Default Re: 8 week old pulls away from breast

    Is he happy when he unlatches? Or still showing signs of hunger? Both my boys became very efficient nursers at this age, which threw me off stride at first. There are also a few developmental leaps around eight weeks (Google wonder weeks) that make babies act strange for a short spell. At each of the wonder weeks my youngest would only cat nap and fuss for a few days before settling down again.

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    After a feeding he seems quite content, usually happy and cooing. Which is odd. I'm wondering if he wants to just suck on something without milk coming out but he wont use a pacifier. I'll check out the wonder weeks Thanks for the suggestion.

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