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    What reference do you ladies recommend about solids and nutrition after breastmilk? Although I know so much about BF, beyond it I am clueless. My hubby asked me when do we give the baby water and I was like never!!! she's always getting BM!! but seriously, when do people start giving a baby water, when would they even need it if they are still being breastfed?
    Do you have to keep going with a milk once you stop BF? I plan on BF for a year, but curious as I don't really like this idea of giving my kid non BM if I could just do water then I would like to. How often will she still typically bf from 6mos to a year? I guess I'm confused about life after exclusively being BF....lol

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    I really liked the book "baby-led weaning" about introducing solids as chunks baby can gnaw-on, rather than purees. Mine continued to bf many times a day, probably once per hr? at 6-12 mo, and she also had bits of our food, without salt. She did not drink any water really until her dad was looking after her most of the day at 16 mo. She did not like cow milk until about 2 yo. now at 2.5 yo she often asks for cow milk and water but still bf too.

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    At 6 months not much changes in terms of breastfeeding. The idea with solids is for baby to learn new tastes, textures, and the motor skills to self-feed; breastmilk remains the main form of nutrition until age 1, when solids intake GRADUALLY becomes more important from a nutritional perspective. I did baby-lead weaning/baby-led solids with this baby as well and loved it - though I pretty much winged it, so I don't have a book to recommend about that. As for water, if you want to, you can start offering sips with meals, but there isn't a need to do so - again, in the coming months, if you want to start introducing her to a cup, you could put a little water in there so as not to waste breastmilk.

    Once you get to the one-year point, if you are still nursing 3-5 times/24 hours, that covers your toddler's "dairy" needs. If you are nursing less than that (or not nursing at all), then baby needs dairy (or the equivalent nutrients) from other sources. Either animal milk or other dairy like yogurt or cheese, or if baby can't tolerate dairy then you have to look at other sources to get the calcium, fat, protein etc. So here's where I make a pitch for continuing nursing beyond a year: it's easy! It's fun! It's so much more than a source of nutrition! (Comfort, connection...) Anyway, just keep an open mind - see where you are at a year, you may find the easiest thing to do is just to keep nursing...

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    I give sips of water in a mug when they eat quite a few solids, for one, because my babies can get a little constipated without it, and also I think it's fine for electrolytes if they're already getting solids. We started cow's milk after 2 yrs, I don't really remember when.
    Nursed my sweet daughter 3 years, 3 mos.

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