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    My friend, how cliché but totally true, ebf her baby that is 6 months old. She wants to cut back because she has started solids. She pumps once in the morning and then again while at work. I'm not sure if she has introduced formula.. I will have to get more details, but for now what do you suggest? I already told her to try cutting a pump session or a feeding and to carry extra breast pads because she is going to be leaky and uncomfortable. She says she doesn't want to stop all together just cut back.

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    I asked her and she said she already started supplementing with formula.

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    The first thing she should know is that it is recommended that breastmilk be the baby's primary source of nutrition for the first 12 months. If breastmilk isn't available in sufficient quantities, the mom should use formula to supplement until the first birthday, allowing the baby to take increasing quantities of solids as desired.

    Any time a mother drops pumping sessions, her supply will decrease. That can mean a) more formula supplements and b) weaning sooner than may be desired. Less supply can mean less nursing and more supplements which in turn result in less supply and more supplements...

    If she knows all that but still wants to cut back, she should do the following:
    - Drop a single pumping or nursing session
    - Wait a while for supply to decrease, while watching carefully for side-effects of dropped sessions (e.g. mastitis, plugged ducts)
    - When she feels that supply has decreased and she's no longer feeling full or leaking at the time when the dropped session would have occured, she can repeat the 2 steps above until she has gotten rid of all the unwanted session.
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