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Thread: HELP for FTM with OS/OALD one breast only!

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    Default HELP for FTM with OS/OALD one breast only!

    Help meeee! I am at my wits end and I have no idea what to do! My LO is 4 weeks old today and we've been EBF. Right away, my right breast has produced much more than my left-- and I know that that is common and not a big issue. HOWEVER, lately (as in the last week or so) my left really is almost producing nothing and my right has a GIANT oversupply and an OALD has come up. And I'm not talking like a "little bit" of a fast flow. My right can spray across the room! And it's not just the first let-down! It happens over and over again and my poor boy is choking, gulping, crying, having tons of gas, grunting through his sleep ALL the time, sometimes having green poo, etc. I've tried unlatching him and spraying into a towel and I continue to do so when able, but what can i DO?? It is ONLY my right side like this, and my left side does nothing to satiate my little man, so I have to offer the right side every time. I'm trying to start with the left anyway, but he won't stay there longer than 5-10 and only swallows a few times. And when I do feed on the left, my right leaks like crazy. I know that my foremilk/hindmilk balance is way off for him and originally tried pumping off some a few times, but haven't done that because I want to STOP making so much! I know I need to be making more on my right since my left can't seem to catch up, but what do I do? I can't block feed really because left does not give him enough and if I continually feed off the right, it just keeps making more, and no matter how recently he was latched in the past hour/2 hours/whatever, it still sprays EVERYWHERE over and over again! It did not do this until about a week ago! He used to gulp and I knew I had an OS, but now this OALD is killing us! Poor guy gets so uncomfortable and unlatches and cries and can't feed for longer than a few minutes! Yesterday I tried just catching the leaks or pumping only what he would eat at a feeding and then giving it in a bottle so that he could eat without choking/my forceful letdown, but I can't do that forever! (I know i COULD, but I don't want to! Can someone please offer us a miracle? I keep getting engorged on the right and try to only hand express enough to make it comfortable if I have to, but IDK what else to do. Side-lying and laid-back aren't helping either.

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    Default Re: HELP for FTM with OS/OALD one breast only!

    Hi. It appears you know the general ideas for what to do about ffld (Nursing frequently, nursing one side at a tine, taking baby off when flow is intense, hand express or pump a little just before nursing, block nurse if the issues are extreme and baby is gaining very fast) and your unique situation is that one side is so far outpacing the other, so typical advice will not work, correct?

    Given YOUR situation and YOURS only, here is what I would suggest.

    What follows is assuming baby is gaining weight well, at least an ounce a day. If baby is not gaining that much, please let me know.

    I suggest:

    Stop pumping unless you really need to pump to alleviate overfullness leading to engorgement. Stop all bottles.

    Nurse very frequently. Every two hours or more often when awake, and going no longer than 3 or 4 hours without nursing during sleep times. More often is fine. The more often baby nurses, the less time there is for milk to build up in the breasts, build up worsens the fast letdown issue.

    Try nursing sidelying and/or using laid back positioning, so baby is more on top of you so gravity helps slightly lessen the flow. You can do this on both sides or only the right as you think helps.

    Always start baby on left side. Encourage baby to nurse on left as long as baby will.

    While baby nurses the left, you can try gently hand expressing the right, or maybe just the leaking will help.

    Move baby to right IF baby indicates they need more. Don't assume your left does not make enough. 5-10 minutes is a perfectly long nursing session for some babies. A few gulps can be plenty in some cases. On the right, where you know there is extreme overproduction, of course baby only nurses a short time. That is entirely normal.

    After baby nurses a short time on the right, move baby back to the left (if baby is not done eating.) Encourage baby to comfort nurse and finish on the left.

    Adjust any of the above suggestions as needed, going by how your body feels and baby does.

    My idea is to allow you to more or less, "block" the right by not having baby spend much time there, and encourage more production on the left by encouraging baby to spend more time there.

    What I am suggesting may well decrease milk production on the right. So you want to be very sure that is what you want to do. It sounds like it, but you want to be sure. That is why it is very important baby is gaining very fast before you start this.

    In many cases it takes time to address forceful letdown and overproduction. So give it time. Do not worry about hindmilk and foremilk. This is the biggest non-issue in breastfeeding. All of your milk is good for baby. Yes some babies have some usually mild gastrointestinal discomfort due to getting too much lactose all at once, and that seems to occur in some cases with over production. But this is not a serious health issue and will alleviate as the overproduction and ffld alleviates. "Too little hindmilk" is never an issue. There simply is no such thing. A baby is either getting enough milk, and gaining normally or fast, or not enough milk, and consequently not gaining normally.

    Hope this helps. I have dealt with lots of overproduction and forceful letdown with my three and know how frustrating it can be.

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    Default Re: HELP for FTM with OS/OALD one breast only!

    Excellent suggestions from LLLMeg.

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    Default Re: HELP for FTM with OS/OALD one breast only!

    THANK you! I will try these suggestions right away. My poor boy has been refusing the right breast for 15 hours now-hoping I can get him on when sleepy.

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