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Thread: weaning a toddler that has history of delayed eating solids

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    Default Re: weaning a toddler that has history of delayed eating sol

    I'm curious too - eating purees at this point? I think my son stopped purees by about 11 months, and at that point it was only stuff that made sense to be more mashed, like sweet potatoes. I find if I offer a lot of foods and utensils my DS eats more, even though half of it ends up on the floor. I got rid of empty calories and made sure every meal and snack had a full fat item, and introduced lots of smoothies with peanut or other nut butters, a leafy green, bananas and another fruit for sweetness, and lots of whole milk yogurt. He eats a lot of cheese but I make sure it's hormone and antibiotic free. At this age they need so much fat and nothing low or no fat. Grass fed butter, coconut and olive oil, I don't skimp on the fats and proteins. We eat eggs regularly too. He seems to have gained weight steadily doing this diet even though he is very picky and will refuse a lot of food and he was always very low on the charts despite being a big baby at birth. My DS is 21 months and his latest thing is he wants what's on my plate, so I share with him and then take back some of his food.
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    I'd urge you to look back on some of my recent posts, as my son only really started eating more than a few tablespoons of solid food around 2.5. Really...2.5. He's now one of the heartiest, least picky eaters I know in his age range. Some children just need the support of unrestricted access to breastfeeding until they feel an internal drive to eat solids. I would not endorse cutting back on breastfeeding.

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