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Thread: Nursing strike or weaning?

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    Unhappy Nursing strike or weaning?

    Hi ladies,
    I've done a lot of reading trying to find an answer to this but wondered if any of you have any tips or advice for me. My 12 month old daughter was feeding 4+ times a day until 5 days ago when she started to refuse night feeds and gradually she's cut down to only one feed in the morning. She usually feeds (until last week) on waking in the morning, before her nap and before bedtime as well as sporadically in between but has been intermittently wanting only to feed when she wakes and once or twice before her nap this week. It's come as quite a shock, she's still sleeping ok and is showing signs of teething mainly with a stuffy nose so I wondered if this could be a contributing factor. She also fell on her face and bruised her lip last week so I'm wondering if that's upset her too. I've tried skin to skin, feeding when sleepy and other tips picked up but she goes to feed, pulls away and after a couple more attempts pushes me away and wants to go to sleep. It's left me feeling quite upset and wondering if I've done something wrong or if this is an abrupt end to our breastfeeding journey. I was hoping to carry on for another few months at least!

    If this is a strike or weaning should I be giving her milk through other means or shall I wait it out for a while and hope that she 'comes round'? I feel like I'm grieving and hoping this is a phase but as time goes on am losing hope.

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    Hi sweet mama,

    Just want to encourage you. I'm going through the EXACT same thing. I feel like I could have written your post. I'm taking it day by day. I've also posted here, here's the link in case anything is helpful:


    This might or might not help you: My daughter's teething was so bad when she started the strike that we did give her bottles for several days out of pity for her misery. Now sippy cup for milk. She has developed a preference for the bottle/cup, and I think that may be contributing to her not being interested in nursing.

    Sending you love! Send some to us too. It's heartbreaking. I miss my baby, and the mother I feel like I used to be. Best wishes to you.

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