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Thread: New Beginnings, 2014 Issue 2, June 2014

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    Default New Beginnings, 2014 Issue 2, June 2014

    New Beginnings, 2014 Issue 2, June 2014

    Features: Mothering Through Breastfeeding: The Early Years
    Loving That Baby Smell
    Mothers' Stories: Our Getaway Weekend - a holiday with baby
    Breastfeeding a Baby with Congenital Heart Disease
    Venita's Story - empowered by knowledge and experience
    Staying Home: Help with Cleaning
    "I have two younger children—four and five—who love to help me clean the
    house. At times I get frustrated when their helping turns into more work for me.
    I want to encourage their participation. What have other mothers done to encourage
    their children's participation while still being able to keep up with the household
    Toddler Tips: Teaching Kind Behavior - with responses from Forums members mommal, alphawoman, and mammi
    "I find that my toddler is often upset at our playgroup because the other
    children take toys from him. I have even seen a few of the other children hitting
    when they become frustrated. The other mothers are busy talking with each other
    and often don’t notice. How do other mothers cope with this? How do you get your
    own needs for socialization met while keeping your toddler safe and happy and
    teaching kind behavior?"
    Making it Work: Encouraging a Letdown While Pumping
    "I've been pumping for about two weeks in preparation for returning to
    work next month. The problem is that it is difficult for me to have a let-down and,
    when I do, I only get about an ounce on one side and a bit more on the other. I’m
    really worried that I won't be able to build up the supply of expressed breast milk
    that I thought I would and that I won’t be able to keep up with what my baby needs
    each day. I haven’t had any supply problems. What can I do?"
    Focus on Fathers: Fathers' Thoughts on Breastfeeding and Nursing in Public
    Active Living with Children: Camping with a Breastfeeding Child: One Family’s Remote Camping Experiences and Tips
    US Breastfeeding Committee: Breastfeeding News from Across the Country
    Eating Wisely: Children in the Kitchen: Instilling Healthy Eating Habits
    Recipes: Potato Head
    Fruit and Rice Dessert
    One-Bowl Pancakes
    Blueberry Pie
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