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Thread: He won't stop biting...

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    Default He won't stop biting...

    I have read everything I can find on "biting babies" and I've tried the immediate nursing session end approach, the replace with a chew toy approach, and the firm "no" approach- not working. He sticks out his bottom lip when I "reprimand" him for biting, but then will do it again! He bites now about every other feeding! Today, I was laying on the couch with him while he napped and nursed and he pulled off abruptly during a dream feed he scraped my nipple and drew blood! What do I do??? Now I'm afraid to nap and night nurse because he even bites while dreamfeeding!!!

    Is this the end?! I will pump and feed that way if I have to, but I wanted to have this breast/ baby nursing relationship for at least two years or until self weaned anyone been bloodied and still made it through?! He is almost 7 mo and has FIVE teeth. I know it's supposed to be teething related but now I fear every nursing session.

    Tips, tricks, support- all welcome!

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    Default Re: He won't stop biting...

    It is really hard when baby bites!

    It sounds as if baby is biting both with intention and without? Pulling off during a dream feed sounds totally unintentional. Also, 7 months is very young for understanding cause and effect, which is probably why the reprimand is not working even when the biting is intentional. Biting like this is not meant to hurt, baby does not understand that it hurts you, not even if you say OW!!! But it can be intentional because baby is hurting and biting down hard makes it feel better, and also some babies like to experiment with this developing skill (we have to bite to eat, after all.)

    Rather than a reprimand, you can try (and I know it is very hard) to look as if you are calm. (even though you won't be, because it really really hurts to be bitten) Take baby off (do you know how to do this with the pinky in the side of the mouth opening a paint can with a screwdriver approach? ) and say "Ok, I guess you are done" or "no biting please" (The words are less important than the attitude-calm.) and put baby down (or walk away from baby) so you really CAN calm down.

    All three of my children went through some biting or clamping down stage.

    For my oldest, who did the clamping when falling asleep, I found I did have to try to stay awake and watch as baby nursed so I could do the screwdriver finger trick just as he fell asleep or into deeper sleep-I learned the signs of when the clamp was coming and caught it-most of the time. It was a pain in so many ways while it was going on, but it was a temporary situation. He was probably the least problem with biting, and he had the most teeth the earliest. I do not think number of teeth or age at teeth eruption has much to do with it. Being clamped down hard even with bare gums can hurt unbelievably.

    Pulling baby IN to you so they cannot pull away works pretty good I have found. If you pull baby into your breast so baby's nostrils are (very briefly) obstructed, baby may open their mouth.

    The last, who is now almost two and still nursing, was the worst, there were a few weeks she bit me HARD at least 6 times a day. It was awful, I would cry a lot. But in every case, it WAS a stage. It ends. And nursing can continue for as long as you like.

    Oh I forgot. Positioning. Make sure baby has room to nurse without tucking chin. Sometimes biting is happening because growing baby is unable to get a good latch if positioning is not adjusting with growth of baby.
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    Default Re: He won't stop biting...

    Thanks so much meg! The biting has been off and on all weekend- but I'm starting to relax a little! Thanks for the pep talk!

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