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Thread: Mastitis and lowered milk supply?? Help!

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    Default Mastitis and lowered milk supply?? Help!

    So a few days ago I posted about pain in my breasts. The next morning I woke up with chills, cold sweats, fever, aches, and redness on my left breast accompanied with pain. Textbook mastitis! Called the doctor and I started antibiotics immediately. It's been 24 hours on antibiotics and I feel better.

    My problem? I've noticed my affected breast isn't producing as much milk as usual. Is this normal? Can it come back? I've been EBF my 1 month old and have been pumping between nursing sessions to help unclog the duct. I always offer affected breast first but I don't feel a strong letdown from the breast. Milk is still coming out but it's decreased significantly.

    I hope this isn't permanent! Please tell me how you built your supply back up after mastitis! My baby is only 1 month old and I plan on BF him for at least a year. Help!
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    Default Re: Mastitis and lowered milk supply?? Help!

    It's not permanent. Flow could be getting impeded by the plug, by inflammation, and some moms see a slight drop in production when on ABs. Also, it is possible you were overproducing before and this is a normal adjustment by your body.

    As long as baby is gaining normally and pooping enough, you make enough milk. Some mothers never feel letdown, with others the sensation is intermittent. That is not an accurate measure of milk production, nor is how much you can pump.
    The way to build up milk production in any situation is frequent & effective extraction of milk from the breasts. again, if baby is gaining fine and you are not having issues with engorgement or overfull breasts, that is how you normally tell milk is being extracted well and often enough.

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    Default Re: Mastitis and lowered milk supply?? Help!

    What LLLMeg said.

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