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Thread: Can continued use of Fenugreek decrease/eliminate supply?

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    Question Can continued use of Fenugreek decrease/eliminate supply?

    Hi Ladies,

    Can continued use of Fenugreek decrease or eliminate your supply? I've been regularly taking Fenugreek nightly before bed for the past few months. I've been having significant supply issues recently so I tripled the amount I was taking for the past three days.

    Another mommy, on another board I belong to, told me today that continually taking Fenugreek can actually harm your supply. I've never heard this. Can anyone provide any insight?


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    Default Re: Can continued use of Fenugreek decrease/eliminate supply

    What I have heard is a mom can become immune to the effects of fenugreek and it becomes no longer effective. But I have not heard it can harm milk production.

    I would suggest consulting an herbalist if that is possible. Or a lactation consultant with lots of experience with herbal treatment.

    If a mom is relying in herbs or other galactagogues too much, and not making sure milk is removed from her breasts frequently and effectively, that may well harm milk production. Galactagogues only work (when they work) if the basics are in place.

    The book Making More Milk is a good resource for milk production issues.

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