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Thread: Wheat allergy? Sorry, a bit long.

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    Default Wheat allergy? Sorry, a bit long.

    Hello all!
    New here so hope I'm not breaking any rules!
    My DS, 3 months old, (third child- Eldest boy is 3, daughter is 21 months) has been breaking out in a rash since his first feed on Friday morning. He's EBF and sleeps through the night. I sent pictures to the pediatrician who called right away saying allergy and what did I eat?! We eliminated things like creams, perfume, detergents etc. the only difference is we made whole wheat bread and I had a slice close to 2 hours before nursing. I have eaten store bought whole wheat bread before with no problem. Maybe as this was more concentrated it became a problem?

    The rash comes and goes. Starts off small, red and gets bumpy, raised (kinda white) takes up a large space and then goes. Mostly on arms, leg and face but a bit on back and neck as well. We have been giving him allergy medicine as per docs orders.

    I have been nursing him still (advice from local breastfeeding consultant). Should I stop and give him expressed milk from my stash, pump and save, dump ad pump? I have been pumping morning and night for the last month to keep supply going (I get supply issues when they sleep througH) and have been pumping and saving the milk since Friday so far.

    Also, how possible is it that it's the wheat, how long does it take to get out of my system? Doc said at least 3 days. We are now on day 3.
    Thankfully we have no other problem than a rash. He's still happy and no breathing problems. I really can't think of anythin else it could be besides this bread. There has been nothing different in diet or surroundings.
    Any help or insight is much appreciated!

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    Default Re: Wheat allergy? Sorry, a bit long.


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    Default Re: Wheat allergy? Sorry, a bit long.

    Hi, wheat is one of the more common suspected allergens. Dairy is the most common by a long shot, but wheat comes up in the next bunch on most lists as far as I know. But allergies via breastmilk of any kind are estimated to only occur in about 2% of infants.

    Of course, if eliminating wheat does not help, it's not wheat. But I think you want to give it longer than 3 days. Maybe more like 7-10 to be totally sure? The articles I will link below may have more specifics.

    What you absolutely do not need to do is stop nursing when there is a suspected (or confirmed) reaction to something mom ate. First off you are not even positive this rash is food allergy related. Second, it is not recommended to stop nursing even when a food allergy is suspected, unless the allergy is so severe the child's overall health is being seriously threatened. (baby is loosing weight, for example) Breastfeeding- both the milk and the act- have so many important functions for overall health this is not only ok to keep nursing but important too. Especially since you have milk production concerns that may be worsened if your child does not nurse.

    we made whole wheat bread and I had a slice close to 2 hours before nursing.
    you made the bread- Did you possibly have flour on your shirt, body or hands and it got on baby's skin?


    and this one- see end for allergy discussion- http://www.breastfeedinginc.ca/conte...gename=doc-CBB

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