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Thread: Suddenly leaking again -- good sign?

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    Default Suddenly leaking again -- good sign?

    My 3.5 mo old and I have been struggling with his weight and my supply from the beginning... Long story short, at one time we were only supplementing 6 oz/day of which at least half was pumped breastmilk from that day, and then mastitis and some other crises happened and I was stuck supplementing more than 12 oz/day...

    It took several weeks for the affected breast to rebound from the mastitis, but it seems to be there (finally!). I'm down to supplementing 9 oz, and at least 4 is fresh EBM. Sometimes when I'm "full" I can pump/express nearly 1.5 oz per side. In the past few days I have started leaking again, and when it happens I feel both excited (increasing supply??) and sad (precious bm wasted on my shirt!). When I look at old threads on this forum, it seems that people don't put much significance on leaking as an indicator of supply. But I'd love for it to be another encouraging sign!

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    Default Re: Suddenly leaking again -- good sign?

    It is an encouraging sign! Please don't worry about "wasting" milk that leaks on your shirt- every time some leaks out, more is made to replace it. In fact, leaking is probably better for supply than not leaking!

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