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Thread: Sudden Dip in Supply... Normal?

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    Default Sudden Dip in Supply... Normal?

    My little one was exclusively breast fed for the first 2.5months then I went back to work so he takes a bottle while I'm away. He is 4 months old now.

    I'd feed him at 2am, 5:30am then pump 3 times at work then nurse him at bedtime. Repeat.

    My typical out put at work is 15-17oz. The first pump of the day is the most the other two usually are about 4oz a piece.

    Yesterday and today I'm noticing a significant drop in my supply at work. Is this normal? Should I be worried? Kinda freaked out! Yesterday I totaled 11oz. I've just pumped the morning and I barely got 4oz when I typically pump out 6-7oz. GAH!

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Sudden Dip in Supply... Normal?

    I think you need to go with "kinda worried". Dips in supply when mom is pumping can be temporary- maybe you're a bit under the weather, maybe your period is coming, maybe you got a bit dehydrated. But they can also become longstanding problems if you don't do what is necessary to increase supply again. Here's what you want to do:
    - Nurse more when with your baby
    - If baby is sleeping through the night, wake him at least once to nurse
    - Pump more often when at work (if possible)
    - If more pumping at work is not possible, pump after feedings when home with baby
    - Make sure your pump is in good working order and the shields are correctly fitted
    - Consider using a better pump
    - Review your birth control choices- some moms find that even "safe for breastfeeding" hormonal contraceptives like Mirena and the minipill have a negative impact on supply

    Finally, please keep your expectations about pump output realistic! When a mom is pumping in place of a feeding, 2-4 oz is normal output. 6-7 oz is oversupply and generally not sustainable in the long term.
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    Default Re: Sudden Dip in Supply... Normal?

    Thanks for the reply. I took your advice and put in an extra pumping session at work yesterday and my little one decided that he wanted to nurse a little more than usual last night. I'm home today from work so I'm going to try and nurse him a little more than usual.

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