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Thread: How Long For Supply To Match What LO Drank

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    Default How Long For Supply To Match What LO Drank

    Out of curiosity how long did it take for your supply to match up with what your LO would drink in a day? Right now my daughter is taking 350mL expressed breastmilk via bottle in addition to attempts at breastfeeding with every feed. I pump after almost every feed, I skip every once in awhile to catch some sleep. I'm getting about 300mL. Thankfully while she was in the NICU I was able to build up a freezer stash, but that stash is being depleted. I fell behind what she was getting daily about a month ago. I've managed to increase my daily production a bit, but its hard to say how much since I've gone from almost exclusively pumping to breastfeeding and pumping.

    What that long explanation was leading up to was how long did it take for you to match what your little one drank? I'm doing everything I can to increase supply; oatmeal, More Milk Special Blend, pumping round the clock, drinking constantly. I'm getting my prolactin and thyroid levels checked tomorrow. If my prolactin is low will look into domperidone. I'm just impatient, its been a long four months.

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    Default Re: How Long For Supply To Match What LO Drank

    Yes, the pumping and feeding/supplementing/pumping is a hard treadmill for 4 months!
    I didn't have a premie and would never have been able to exclusively pump because I didn't respond well enough to the pump and the herbs were not that effective for me and my supply didn't come up enough to Exclusively breastfeed until I was on the Domperidone for several weeks. I've started to slowly wean down the dose but I'm still taking 7 tablets a day. DS is now 7 months.

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    Those "how long" questions are so tough to answer! The answer is going to be different for everyone. For me, it took about 3-4 weeks to phase out formula supplements, and supplement with breastmilk only. But I had a full-term if lip-tied baby, a hospital-grade pump, and no issues aside from those given by my daughter's poor latch.

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