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Thread: How can I wean my 2.5 year old!?!

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    Default How can I wean my 2.5 year old!?!

    My 2.5 year old son still nurses almost exclusively. It is driving me crazy! He nurses night and day, every couple of hours or more and barely eats food. He does drink cow's milk and nut milks as well, but I have a really hard time getting him to eat a whole lot of solids. His weight and nutrition don't seem to be issues, but my husband and I want to have a second child soon, and I'm not sure if it will happen if ds keeps nursing so much. I would love tips on how to wean my son! He does not seem to be anywhere near self weaning. For a while, I did cut out nursing between 10am and 7pm, but it seemed like he just wanted to nurse more during the times I did allow him to nurse. He also still wasn't eating much food, and he wouldn't nap even though I could tell he was tired (he does nap when he's nursed during the day). I don't have the heart to quit cold turkey, but nursing is becoming tiring for me, and we want to conceive our second. Thanks so much.

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    Default Re: How can I wean my 2.5 year old!?!

    The first thing I'd do is stop giving him alternate milks. If you're nursing at least 3-5 good sessions daily, his dairy needs are covered, and the milks are just crowding out other foods from his diet.

    Maybe you can give me an idea of what he eats in a day and how much, and I can build up some suggestions from there.

    Have you noticed any allergies, oral aversions, or delays in his motor control in his mouth? How is his speech and enunciation?

    My son is 2y8mo and only just recently started eating any significant quantity of solids. I can say that the key for me was respecting his wishes, observing his taste/texture/temperature preferences, and assiduously offering the favourites often. I found we needed really leisurely meals--45 mins to an hour--combined with reading stories, taking long pauses between bites, having a conversation. He's the consummate mindful eater, as your son may be.

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    Default Re: How can I wean my 2.5 year old!?!

    It seems like he is asking to nurse these times. Have you tried to offer alternatives befoer or when he asks to nurse? foods/drinks. If he's not asking try not to offer. don't offer/don't refuse nursing sessions.

    Is there a pattern in your daily routine of when he'd normally nurse? maybe switching the routine of these times up a little. Possibly a distraction around those times. a walk outside, a walk w dad? How long is he nursing, would shorter sessions feel better for you? I have always liked the method of using a song/rhyme/book to indicate how long a nusing session will be. And w a song you can sing as slow or as fast as you'd like.

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