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    Any advice for a 13 month old going through a nursing strike? My son fell the other morning and cut his bottom lip with his teeth. After he calmed down I tried to nurse him and he started crying again like it hurt. He wont have anything to do with nursing now. I have tried doing baths together, skin to skin, trying to nurse him while sleeping, walking around without a shirt on and nothing. It all feels a bit ridiculous but I wanted to at least try. He just turns his head away. He's my third and last baby and I am heartbroken that this might be the end of Breastfeeding especially since I wasn't even thinking of weaning until at least after two. Has anyone ever been through this before? What happened? I mostly just need support

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    I think you're doing exactly what you should be doing, mama. All you can do is hope that you'll be successful!

    With a toddler, it might help to make nursing a game- have him sit in front of you and see if you can squeeze some milk into his mouth or something. Maybe the fun would remind him how much he likes nursing...

    Give him some time to heal, too. A sore lip could explain his reluctance to latch on!

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